Adrian Peterson vs. Reggie Bush

I’m watching Monday Night Football. I’m trying to focus my energy on rooting for the Minnesota Vikings, to get them to a 2-3 W-L record instead of letting the New Orleans Saints go over .500. Understandably, the national sports media seems to be focusing on the match-up between Adrian Peterson and Reggie Bush. The more pics they put up, the less I seem to hear about the game, the players, the stats, the strategy. All I see is this…


You’ve gotta admire the sparkly teeth and the shiny earring on Reggie, but for understated style and classic good looks, the advantage here goes to AP – all day!


Not just to be a homer, but the working-man effort put forth by Peterson is more attractive than the lazy, laid-back style of Bush. Score: 2-0 for Minnesota’s premiere RB.


What can I say – it’s Reggie Bush all the way here! There’s just more of him to love. In the second pic, I think he’s wondering if he should return my call…


Again, the action shot gives AP the advantage. It looks like a lock, with AP up 3-1 over Reggie. But … I’ve saved the best for last.



Despite the awesomeness that his arms are, Adrian Peterson loses out to Reggie Bush in the final photo. For that match-up, and the overall contest in my book. Just look at how Bush crushed that football. Check out Reggie’s smoldering eyes and that sexy scar above his right pec. Not to mention the six-pack. Game, set, match to Reggie Bush here.

Okay, I’m off to actually watch the game and see how the real plays play out with these two hotties. Who wins overall – you tell me.

30 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson vs. Reggie Bush

  1. I have both these guys on my fantasy team. Guh. I think I’d have to go with Reggie Bush for my overall winner, but gosh AP isn’t too far behind.

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  3. Wow! Picking between the two is a tough call. Perhaps if we saw a lot more of both of them, it would be much easier…..

  4. Reggie u’re a fine ass man and I would love to see u and that would b a dream come true.I’m a big Saints
    fan and I watch the games every Sunday congrats on all 4 wins I hope the team keep up the good work and keep N.O. Going strong.Your biggest fan. Angellica hope to meet u one day!

  5. I have seen AP in person….this pictures do him no justice…..and there is one out there of his abs too….better than Reggies….AP all the way!

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