ALR Smorgasbord II

Sorry I took a week off, folks.  I was moving to Chicago and getting settled and whatnot.  But now I am HERE and I have another Smorgasbord a-coming your way!  I’ll confess… it isn’t as good as last time because last time I went to two Cubs games in two days, but I’ll do my best for you.

I’m getting pretty freaking tired of the NL and AL Division Series.  I want postseason baseball to be competitive, dammit.  I also wanted a better showing from the NL Central.  If the Brewers hadn’t managed to win on Saturday, the last victory by an NL Central team in the postseason would have been… Game 5 of the 2006 World Series. Snerk.

Oh, its just too funny.  And a little sad.

I think the Jesus candles in the middle are my favorite part.

I think the Jesus candles are my favorite part.

It's just too funny. And a little sad.

I spotted the above two pictures’ contents outside Wrigley Field today.  Interestingly, they were moved by the time I got back 5 hours later.  I live literally a stone’s throw down the street from The Friendly Confines.  Maybe I couldn’t throw a stone at my house from the gates, but Jim Edmonds totally could.

The reason I was walking past Wrigley was so I could catch the train to the United Center for a Chicago Blackhawks/Colorado Avalanche preseason game.  I decided the Avs are my team after the NHL Hotties we did two years ago.  For a non-hockey fan, it’s as good a reason as any to pick a team.  I really enjoyed watching them play in person.

On my way to the pre-game meeting place, I spotted the below:

My first thought was that a valcano is a female volcano.  No?

My first thought was that a "valcano" is a female volcano. No?

We met up at The Billy Goat on Madison St.  Holy crap was that a good burger.  I got a double cheeseburger and put onions, pickles and mustards on it.  It was so awesome I almost got a second one, but didn’t want to make a pig of myself.

Its a good thing I dont live near one of these.

It's a good thing I don't live near one of these.

Outside the United Center is a cool Blackhawks statue commemorating the location of the original Chicago Stadium:

The gap-tooth guy lunging out of the top is Bobby Hull.

The gap-tooth guy lunging out of the top is Bobby Hull.

Here are a couple pics of the game.  It was an overtime win by the Avalanche, very exciting!

We were up high, but that actually made it easier to follow the action.

We were up high, but that actually made it easier to follow the action.

My first NHL game was awesome!

My first NHL game was awesome!

10 thoughts on “ALR Smorgasbord II

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  2. Hockey games are super fun live but lammmmmme on tv. Higher seats are indeed much better for hockey games. Chicago is so much fun, my best friend from high school lives really close to Wrigley too and it’s fun going up and visiting.

  3. Andrea, as a resident of the last row possible, I can attest to the fact that higher is better when watching hockey. I’m glad you enjoyed your first game. It will be even better during the regular season!

  4. Higher is not always better. I once seats first row right behind the penalty box (so technically 3rd row). Best seats ever. Actually I’ve also had seats in the wheelchair section which was pretty cool.

  5. Looks like you are sitting in the 309 or 326 section. 309 is home to Ironworks, which is where they have the good stuff on tap (Stella Artois, Red Hook, et al). I will usually use the intermissions to make the walk around the rink to go buy real beer.

    Also, the Billy Goat house dark ale is really really really really really good.

    Also also, moving to Chicago gives you a good reason to switch alliances to the Blackhawks, and this is a relaly good year to become a Blackhawks fan.

    Rereading this comment makes me wonder if I might not have an alcohol problem.

  6. Janalee, I guess it’s just a personal preference. I once got the “Continental Airlines Seat Upgrade” to move from the nosebleeds to a few rows above ice level, and I was grumbling the whole time to my sister “our old seats were better…this sucks…I can’t see the game”

  7. It is all about personal preference, b/c I actually like the end ice view better than side ice view. I used to sit on the side for ND hockey games and I liked the end view.

  8. Awww, the Cubs’ memorial made me feel sad for their poor, distraught fans. But then I remembered that as a Bengals fan, I have my own frustration and anguish to work through. (Seriously, they just keep finding new ways to lose! Ugh!)

  9. Damnit, out of all the NHL teams you could pick to follow, it had to be two of the ones I hate the most. THE RED WINGS HAVE HENRIK ZETTERBERG! If he’s not enough of a hottie to convince you to like the Wings…damn, I don’t know what would.

    OK, anyway, the real thing I wanted to say was this, in relation to the Jesus candles:

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