Hit & Run-Who Needs Debates When You Got Sports?

Yes, the Vice Presidential debates were last night. That’s nice. You know what else was on? Baseball. And football. And football. And baseball. It was a damn good night of sports, even those who teams didn’t perform the way they had wished. So let’s get to a few of the unpleasantness (like Georgetown having to cancel a game because of norovirus) out of the way first, starting with the Cubs.

Who's winning? It ain't the Cubbies. Sorry Chitown Chick.

What is wrong with the Cubbies? Wasn’t this suppose to be the year? I’m not a baseball girl by any means, but didn’t they have the best record in the National League? And look what it got them-an 0-2 start in the NLDS against the LA Dodgers. TBS kept showing shots of the crowd and at first it was funny (cause really, the fans were acting a bit too upset) but now I just feel sorry for them. You poor things. Hey, maybe they’ll turn this thing around? It could happen. Right?

And to complete the Chicago shut out, the White Sox lost to the Rays, 6-4. Maybe I underestimated the Rays because I picked the Sox that are White to go to the World Series. (On the bright side my pick of the Phillies is looking good.) And Ladies… favorite Evan Longoria hit two homeruns in his first two postseason plate appearances.

We had a few entertaining games of college football last night as well. Pittsburgh upset South Florida 26-21 and Utah (damn you Utes for beating my beloved Maize and Blue) beat USC killer Oregon State on a last second field goal 38-21. Usually these Thursday night games aren’t that good, but something must be in the water this year because every one so far has been entertaining. Yay for good Thursday night college football!

5 thoughts on “Hit & Run-Who Needs Debates When You Got Sports?

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  2. I think the Dodgers are using our picks post as bulletin board material. “The Ladies don’t believe in us! We’ll show them!”

  3. Maybe I’m NOT the only one here who is disappointed that the White Sox are so failtacular right now. I do like the Devil Rays though so I don’t feel quite as suicidal because my boys are sucking against them. Now if it was the Red Sox who beat us I’d probably jump off a bridge or something.

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