The Ladies … Pick the Postseason (Baseball Edition)

AP/Mark Avery)

Will anyone take the Angels out? (Source: AP/Mark Avery)

October is my favorite sports month of the year, mainly for two reasons.  We’ll talk about the second one next week.  This week, I switched days with SA so I could start October off right: talking about postseason baseball.

This is the first time in many seasons I have not had a clear favorite in either league.  I kind of think people are forgetting about the Angels, though, just because they clinched their division ages ago.  So my picks for the postseason are:

NL – Cubs vs. Phillies

AL-Angels vs. Rays (This would have been a much cooler matchup if Tampa hadn’t changed their name.)

World Series: Angels over Cubs

Although I must admit that if the Cubs win it all, at least I’ll be able to enjoy the historical significance of it, instead of wondering (through my tears) why Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are making out on the field.

But enough about what I think.  Which teams do the rest of the Ladies like this October?

(I should note that, due to the White Sox taking their sweet time to actually clinch a playoff spot, some of the Ladies had to submit their picks before Tuesday’s game was over. )

Chitown Chick: Cubs over the Dodgers, Cubs over the Phillies, Cubs over the Angels.

I might go vomit now.

La M Alana: Rays beat the Red Sawx for the AL and Cubs beat the Brewers for the NL. Cubs win the World Series. Pundits decide that means Obama will win the election. Too bad the DBacks blew this year, or Chris Matthews would be over the moon at that series.

Cinnamon Girl: I’ll go with Angels and Cubs – picking Angels to take it all.


Getty Images)

We want to hate them, but they're just so good (and adorable)! (Source: Getty Images)

Red Sox vs. Angels = Red Sox
Twins/WS vs. Rays = Rays
Sox vs. Rays = Rays

Phillies vs. Brewers = Brewers
Cubs vs. Dodgers = Cubs
Brewers vs. Cubs = Cubs

Rays vs. Cubs = Cubs (just so I can never again hear about how long it’s been since the Cubs last won the WS.)

Lady Andrea:

Rays over White Sox in 4
Angels over Red Sox in 5
Cubs over Dodgers in 4
Brewers over Phillies in 5

Rays over Red Sox in 7
Cubs over Brewers in 6

Rays over Cubs in 7

SA: I’m going to go with the winner of the Twins/Sox play-in today and the Phillies with the Twins/Sox winner being the WS Champ.

Now that I’ve said this they are soooo gonna lose in the ALDS.

Miss Minda: AL: Rays
NL: Cubs

A teeeeny tiny part of me wants a Chicago vs. Chicago World Series, but I’d rather not see the White Sox have that kind of success.

Mistress Cristina: umm I dont care a whole ton. I’ll take the Red
Sox. Why not. They won last year. Cant count out the reigning champs,

So … we like the Cubs (mostly), and quite a few of us like the Angels.  But no love for the Dodgers.

Enough picking.  Let’s get those postseason logos up!  It’s time for October baseball!

AP/Chris Carlson)

(Source: AP/Chris Carlson)

16 thoughts on “The Ladies … Pick the Postseason (Baseball Edition)

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  2. No, but see Minda we aren’t having any more Octobers after this year. This is it. There’s only this one. They’re just trying to warn us, like those PSAs about getting your TV switched to digital.

  3. Andie, you pick the Angels to beat the Sox, but then have the Rays over the Sox. So, you’re against the Sox before you’re against the Sox? I’m confused.

    Also, go Sox!

  4. Lot’s of picks for Rays/Cubs.

    If it means plenty of partying in downtown St Pete, I’m all for it.

    Who am I kidding? GO RAYS!

  5. Oh Cubs. I didn’t pick you, but way to make over half the Ladies… choices totally wrong!

    That being said. Go Red Sox! I enjoy winning stuff that I don’t care about to begin with…

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