Girl on Girl Hate: Sometimes, it just feels so good!

We here at Ladies are obviously 10 pillars of feminist virtue. We would never engage in activities unbefitting successful, classy, intelligent, and hilarious women. Well, maybe those other nine wouldn’t… I on the other hand am quite guilty of one of the cardinal sins of womanhood: Girl Bashing. I really enjoy talking some shit about other women. Mostly women I don’t know. Why? I couldn’t tell you (I’m sure there are subtexts of low self-esteem, daddy issues, and borderline personality disorder bubbling below the surface). But honestly, sometimes it just feels good. Especially when it comes to the significant others of my favorite athletes. It’s really more like pointing out the pink elephant in the room. WHY IS HE WITH HER? She is (blank). Fill in the adjective that best fits. Now I don’t know these women. Perhaps they are lovely and awesome and in real life we would be BFFs. But for now, I want to talk some serious trash!

Classy earrings...

Classy earrings...

My fave target of the last few seasons: Nereida Gallardo. The Dame of Extra Time and I had a long running email convo about our intense dislike of the Spanish wench. She swept one of my fave footballers into a torrid 7 month relationship, apparently filled with sex, Playstation, and watching tv. (per The Sun and The Mirror) We haven’t heard from the Majorcan trollop in several months, since Cristiano Ronaldo unceremoniously dumped her this summer while he frolicked in America looking like an oiled-up eggplant. But she’s back in the news this week after sitting down with a Spanish tv show  to dish the dirt on her famous ex.

According to the rags, she was only with him for the sex (which was good), she put out on the first night they met (tramp! I would never do such a thing…) and he bought her stuff like bags and belts. His house also has 3 levels. (ummm, okay?) Oh, and the most important piece by far, he dumped her VIA TEXT MESSAGE! Hahahahahahaha. I like to think it read something like: “N, it r ovr. KTHXBAI” (In case you didn’t know, C-Ron speaks LOLcat)

When I'm sad, sometimes I turn to ciggies as well. Maybe she and I are more alike than I thought... God forbid!

Now, I am fairly certain that she decided to open up about this slight in order to garner some sympathy from the masses. Well dear, you EPIC FAIL. I have trolled many a football blog and there is not an ounce of support out there for her. Most people think she got what she deserved. Is it really all that shocking when you dated the man purely for the sex (as she was quoted as saying by the rags) and then he doesn’t have the courtesy to dump you properly?  I personally like him all the more for it. The media went on and on about how they were getting married and planning for a baby etc, when in reality he was as invested in the relationship as most real people expected him to be. That is, not at all!

I can’t really explain my dislike for this woman, other than the fact that I just don’t.  She wasn’t cute enough for him. She was a failed nudie “model”. I hate when people are labeled “models” by the press when they really only had some topless test shoots. Hey, I could hire someone off the street to take naked pics of me and then post them on the net. Does that make me a model? I think not.

And so I bash. I can’t help it. I try not to be like this, but sometimes it’s too hard to fight the instinct. So what about you, dear readers. Is there anyone in your life (or in your celeb obsession life) that you just can’t contain the urge to rip on? Or am I the only one who succumbs to my desire to hate on my fellow woman?

15 thoughts on “Girl on Girl Hate: Sometimes, it just feels so good!

  1. God I love Cristiano Ronaldo…I wish he could just toughen up a bit. It’s because he’s european…It’s normal to wear short shorts and carry a purse, etc if you’re european right? Right?

  2. Really there’s only one person in my celeb obsessed life that I would absolutely love to see fall off the face of the earth…and that person would have to be Andy Pettitte’s ‘loving’ wife Laura. She’s probably a wonderful person, blah blah blah…but there is NO WAY that she can appreciate that stare-down of his more than I do!! His eyes can take me all the way!!! Phew…enough of that…

  3. My dislike gets a little more personal–a few months ago I got a friend request for the MySpace I have up for my website (which is not at all sports-related) from the girlfriend of one of my favorite baseball players, which I found out about by visiting her MS where she had shitloads of pictures up of them together. I’m not active on MS except to add people so I didn’t think anything of it until I started getting e-mail from her claiming I was stalking her online. Turns out she LOVES to egosurf and a few people were talking shit about her on some groupie board and for whatever reason someone mentioned my website so she assumed it was me. I showed her that it wasn’t me and I had tried very hard to be polite about the whole thing but she was just such a BITCH about it that any sympathy I had for her was gone by the time I was done dealing with her, which was MUCH too long. If you date an athlete people are going to talk shit about you, mostly jealous teenaged girls. If you’re thirty, as this person is, rise above it for God’s sake instead of acting like one of these little twits. I won’t put her or her boyfriend’s name here–as I said, she egosurfs both his name and hers and starts trouble pretty much anywhere where she is not revered as the Holy Girlfriend, as I learned through researching who this insane person was–but as much as I used to like him it serves him right that he’s riding the pine because his batting average sucks … which started happening right around the time she moved in with him. Karma, it is indeed a bitch.

    PS–yeah, the guy’s on a team that’s still in it, at least for tonight …

  4. I love to hate on the women that athletes are married to – it’s the way we cope with the jealousy!

    And how dare you blaspheme Hello Kitty in such a way! ;)

  5. I completely understand the girl-on-girl hate. I have run into so many situations over the years where a guy friend’s girlfriend or wife gets catty/jealous that there are a couple females I only refer to as “his bitch wife/girlfriend”.

    Trish-OMG, can you say psychobitch? That chick is batshit crazy. She needs to realize what comes with dating an athlete and either cope or move on. Best of luck!

  6. @kcmichelle: It is a way to cope with the jealousy! Oh man, I would do quite a bit of stuff to get with C-Ron (I know hes greasy but I LOVE HIM) and SHE gets to date him. SO not fair! Le sigh.

  7. thistle–everything happened this spring and thankfully I have not heard from her since. However I totally lost all respect for this player that he would willingly be with someone like that, but from what I heard he’s in deep and is probably going to marry her. Poor bastard.

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  9. I don’t usually pay attention to who athletes are dating/getting on… well that was until Giselle Bundchen (who has a face like a fist, what is wrong with you Tom?? You down graded!) and Jessica Simpson (if she gives one more interview where she talks about their “love” or hates on Carrie Underwood I am gonna puke).

    PS: I completely agree about this chick… to think of my CR7 getting Sergio Ramos’ leftovers. Gag.

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