Hit and Run: the season that never ends …

A great day of football, new polls, oh, and the White Sox must have pissed off the Tigers bigtime yesterday.

The White Sox win yesterday put them a half-game behind the Twins, meaning that they have to make up a rained out game with the Tigers. Meaning that the Tigers thought they were done with the season, thought they were going home, thought it was time to go sit by a pool but the Sox had to screw all that up. The Sox and Tigers are scheduled to play at 1:05 CT, and here is the funniest part — it’s forecast to rain around that time here in the Windy City.

Since Lane Kiffin apparently knows that he is going to be fired, he’s just saying “Screw you, I’ll do what I want.” The Raiders attempted a 76-yard field goal. That’s not a typo. 76 yards.

The Sooners have reason to be happy. (Yeah, I know it’s an old pic. But it’s adorable!) With Georgia and Florida losing, Oklahoma took the top spot in the AP poll. They are followed by Alabama, LSU, Missouri and Texas. Any question on which conferences are the most dominant?

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