Hit & Run: I am at a loss for words

At least someone loves me…

I’m sitting here right now, with a pit in my stomach.  The season isn’t over, but I feel – seriously, I don’t even know what I feel anymore.  I’m spent.  This season has taken it out of me. I can’t even look for a picture, because I prefer to forget the past few hours.  Long story short, the Mets let countless opportunities slip through their fingers.  (That, or the Cubs pitchers just bore down at the right moment.  One or the other.)  And that is the game in a nutshell – a Cubs 9-6 victory over the Mets.

The Phillies to the Braves, 10-4, presenting a perfect opportunity for the Mets to make up a game.  Of course, that would be too easy and it makes too much sense.  So the Mets pull the defeat out of the jaws of victory.  Furthermore, the Brewers took care of business and defeated the Pirates, 4-2, so now the Mets and Brewers are tied for the Wild Card.  It’s like the Mets love to torture their entire fan base.   I can’t even continue.  I’m going to go drown my sorrows in some chocolate ice cream.

Sorry for the lack of hot men.  But, Santana’s underneath me (don’t I wish!) so check him out.

How am I going to get through the next few days?

14 thoughts on “Hit & Run: I am at a loss for words

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  2. Mets-
    I was driving home from my softbll game when we heard Murphy’s triple. High fives abounded in my car, screams, and yells. When I got home it was over, I’m driving around my block on the verge of tears, sucking down a smoke. Sometimes sports really, really suck.

  3. Metsy, I’m sorry. I actually wish the Cubs would lose so that the Mets make the playoffs, not the stupid Brewers. I’d rather look at David Wright and Carlos Delgado during the playoffs than Ben Sheets or Prince Fatty-Fielder.

  4. I just spoke to my father, and he was like “you know they were leading 5-1…I knew it…they’re the worst team in the history of the universe…they suck…”

    I really wish they would make the playoffs for him!

  5. While I do feel bad for you having your hearts ripped out from under you, the Brewers haven’t made the playoffs since I was a year old. I just can’t muster too much sympathy. I’m not one of those “ha, ha, sucks to be you” people, but seriously, we have the second longest drought. It sucks for you, fanwise, to put up with this from your team. They give you so much and then yank it all back out from under you. I empathize – we were awful for the past two weeks – my boyfriend turned all his Brewers bobbleheads around and made them face the wall after the Phillies series – They were on timeout.

    This whole rollercoaster is so draining. We’ve been fed a “now or never” mentality about this season since last January. I was taking every game so personally, I thought I’d have a nervous breakdown. Gallardo going down on May 1 – we all thought the season was over for us.

    So I’m sorry that our resurgence comes at the expense of your collapse. I was SO there as recently as last week. I was so completely disappointed. We had control of everything and let it all slip away.

    Just don’t hate us for being as crazy as we’ve been this week. Most people in Milwaukee haven’t felt this way about this team in a quarter century. Winning the Wild Card is a BIG DEAL.

    Remember last year when the Yankees won the AL Wild Card and no one would buy our wear the Postseason gear because they were all embarrassed and snobby about winning the lowly WC? All I could think is what we wouldn’t give for the Wild Card. It’s all about perspective, I guess.

    *long ramble over, so sorry!

  6. Nicole: No, I know what you mean. I want the Mets to get in because they’re winning. Not because the other team is losing. (well, I’ll take it either way, but it feels a hell of a lot better when you’ve earned it.)

    I’m just speaking towards the fact that this team seems to have a W in hand, but still manages to let it get through their fingers.

    In my perfect world, the Mets would win the East and the Brewers would get the WC. (sorry, Phils fans.)

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