Gearing up for some big games

I have a few big sporting events coming up. As you may have heard, my Cubs are in the playoffs. Also, I am roadtripping to see my Missouri Tigers take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers in Lincoln. Obviously, I need to be dressed well, whether I’m sitting in the last row of Memorial Stadium — yes, my seats are in the last row — or on my couch, stressing through a Cubs game. Join me to shop after the jump.

Best. Sweatshirt. Ever.

Best. Sweatshirt. Ever.

I have curly hair that can get big. Humidity is not my friend. Headbands are. Because my hair is so thick, I also need the hard headbands, as the soft ones slip right off my head. Enter Meagan, my hair’s new best friend. She handmakes headbands with different collegiate and pro teams’ fabric and sells them on eBay. How cute are these?

I used to have a rule — don’t buy divisional or league championship gear. Only buy the gear if your team wins it all. Then last year, the Cubs won the Central and had awesome locker room caps, so I caved. I bought one. See, they are adorable, right?

They were promptly swept out of the playoffs. I’m not taking any chances this year. Instead, I bought a long-sleeve, royal blue Cubs shirt that was on sale at

I like to add a little flair to my cheering ensembles. Necklaces look funny on me, so I usually go for earrings:

The reflection obscures it, but those are Missouri Tiger heads, and I love them. Also on eBay, you can find stuff from most college teams.

Finally, the thing that will complete my look for the Missouri game was not a recent buy. In fact, I didn’t pay for it at all. It is a button that I received while a student at Mizzou. Boone County Bank distributed buttons before every Tiger football game, and they generally had cheesy phrases on them, like “Okla-go-homa.” This button, however, was not cheesy. It was succinct, clear and had a true voice to it.

Husk this, indeed.

Husk this, indeed.

I have a bag of buttons like this, but none are more cherished than “Husk This!” (Though “Tigers Ride Buffalo Hide” is a favorite.)

11 thoughts on “Gearing up for some big games

  1. One of my rules is to not wear my team’s gear on the road. When I attend home games, I see people in the visiting teams’ colors getting treated very badly. (Then again, we are talking about NJ). So I’m always afraid that I will get treated like that on the road too. Usually after a road event, I realize that it would have been okay for me to show a little team pride. Not everyone is as mean as the hometown fans I’m used to!

    Sorry about the curly hair problems! Having straight hair, I can’t relate.

    I also have the same rule about buying division or conference champs gear!

  2. That does make me feel great. :) Those headbands are fantastic, and not expensive. I got three headbands (I bought a Bears one, too) and spent $17, including shipping.

    I’m just noticing how much I hate my couch.

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  4. Pam, I don’t think Chitown Chick will have too much trouble in Lincoln. Obviously there are some obnoxious exceptions, but as a whole, Husker fans treat visitors very well. I think most of us here understand that other teams HAVE TO have fans; that’s what makes rivalries fun. So we can’t hate on Chitown for being a Mizzou fan, because if there were no Tigers fans we wouldn’t have so much fun hating Mizzou!

  5. I’ve been to Lincoln before, and the fans were very nice to my friends and me. Of course, at the time, we sucked, so I’m not expecting quite the same love, but I still can’t wait to go. It will be a blast, plus I’ll get to see Minda.

    And as an added bonus, I’m stopping in Cedar Falls on the way back to see my niece. Maggie’s Midwestern Tour!

  6. Those headbands are fantastic, and my Mizzou loving family would kill me if I bought them in Sooner Crimson and Cream. Also, I think they have been handing out buttons for a long, long time. My mom is a Mizzou alumna, and let’s just say she remembers their last Orange Bowl visit, and she’s told me stories about the buttons. Maybe a different bank, but they have been around awhile.

    Also I sympathize with the hair issue, although I fall into the “just wavy enough that I can’t pull off ‘curly’ hair and have to straighten it everyday” category. Humidity hates me too…makes me wonder how I’m able to survive in Atlanta.

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