The Tailgate, with Mistress Christina

I am torn about this whole food post thing. One, I rarely use my oven or stove because I live by myself, and I don’t really know any recipes that are for one person only. I hate to have tons of left-overs because I feel compelled to eat them. However, I love to cook. Like a lot. Like if this law school things fails I will probably ship myself off to culinary school in France. But, again on the con side, I don’t like to share my recipes. I just like to make awesome food, have people be amazed by it, and never let them know how to make it themselves. I’m weird like that. I don’t want people taking credit at a later date, for my food. But I have decided to share one of my families tried and true weekend recipes for an awesome, pre-day o’ football, breakfast (brunch/lunch/dinner/snack/shit I could eat breakfast food all day) foods. I present to you my super-awesome DELUXE FRENCH TOAST recipe.


1) King’s Hawaiian Bread (or other brand) 1 loaf should do it, usually works for about 3 to 4 normally hungry people. (Or two starving girls, as me and my friend totally ate all the french toast between the two of us…)

Usually found near the deli/ specialty items. Rarely with the other breads... annoying, I know.

Usually found near the deli/ specialty items. Rarely with the other breads... annoying, I know.

This is the keystone of the french toast recipe. You MUST have the Hawaiian bread. If you do not, then you are just eating regular french toast. And this is NOT regular french toast. Hawaiian bread is kind of sweet and super delicious. Omg, it’s the best shit ever. You may have to ask the person at the store if they have it or where it is. It’s almost never with the other bread products. I have no idea why. If you can’t find it, you could use Challah as well. Same airy feel to the bread, although not as sweet.

2) Eggs. And lots of them. Have a carton on hand and that should be good if you are making just one batch. (I come from a big family, we usually make 2 batches) The numbers are not exact because sometimes you over soak the bread, and that uses more eggs. You need enough to coat all the bread. (You probably wont use the whole carton, but it’s good to have more eggs than you need just in case) I used 6 extra large eggs for this batch and it was perfect.

3) Milk/Cream/Dairy Creamer/Half and Half. Honestly it doesn’t matter. You need something to mix in with the eggs. Just a few Tablespoons in each egg mix. (If you add more eggs as you go along, you’ll have to add a bit more milk as well) I’ve used all of these in the past and they each work fine. Flavored coffee creamer made the egg batter pretty sweet (but I like that). Just regular milk is my top choice. You just want it to thin out the eggs.

4) Sugar, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon. Mix them together. I don’t like cinnamon (the spice, not the Lady :)) all that much so I just use a little bit. Just use enough of each so that you can put about a teaspoon full on each piece of french toast.

This is what the sugar/cinnamon mix looks like. You dont need a ton of it.

This is what the sugar/cinnamon mix looks like. You don't need a ton of it.

5) Butter. I like butter.

6) Syrup. Also, if you like powdered sugar, get that.

How To:

1) Slice Hawaiian bread. I usually make my pieces about 3/4 inch or so thick. You don’t want them too thick or they’ll take forever to cook. This was a little thicker than I like, I couldn’t find my serrated knife, which really helps.

2) Grease a large skillet with Pam or some comparable cooking spray. Turn the burner on to above medium heat (not quite medium high). Also, get out a baking pan and turn the oven on to about 275 degrees (fahrenheit).

3) Mix up egg batter. I usually use a glass baking dish to mix or you can even use the tin that the bread comes in (it’s shallow and round) however, to use that you have to cut the larger bread slices in half. I usually start with about 6 eggs and 2 tbsp of milk. Take a fork or wisk and blend it together well. You can add eggs and milk as you go along and the mixture is no longer soaking into the bread.

4) Dip the bread into the egg batter so it evenly coats each side and soaks into the bread a little. Don’t let it soak too long or the bread gets too mushy and hard to work with.

5) Put bread on skillet, let cook. You want it to get a deep golden to brown color on each side. Once you have flipped it to the second side, take some of the butter and put a dollop on top while the second side is cooking (this means no re-flipping!) so it can melt. Once it is done take the toast and move it to the baking sheet. Sprinkle the melted butter with the sugar mixture (this makes an awesome sugar-cinnamon-butter sauce) Put the baking sheet and toast in the oven so it can stay warm and cook a little. The bread is really thick so this extra step keeps the toast warm while you’re cooking the rest and helps out those pieces that might be slightly underdone. My oven is attached to my stove, so every time I finish a piece, I just open the oven and put the toast on the baking sheet.

Ohh butter covered goodness...

Ohh butter covered goodness...

Warming/finishing cooking in the oven... Mmm, makes the house smell AWESOME

Warming/finishing cooking in the oven... Mmm, makes the house smell AWESOME

6) Take out of oven, garnish with syrup or powdered sugar as you like, and ENJOY. Because of the butter/sugar mix you don’t usually need a ton of syrup, but I like a little.

I usually also fry up some bacon and make a nice fruit salad to go with this. I loooooove bacon. (See pic at beginning of post- Whole foods makes some awesome fruit salad. Slicing strawberries is boring…)

10 thoughts on “The Tailgate, with Mistress Christina

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  2. OK, I’m seriously craving some of that Deluxe French Toast now. And, I, too, can eat breakfast anytime of the day. I promise to give full credit to you MC when I use this!!!

  3. Breakfast is awesome, although I can never eat a lot of it. Unless taylor ham (pork roll for south jersey hayseeds) is involved. If you don’t know what taylor ham is, I’m sorry!

  4. I never thought of using Hawaiian bread but that’s a good idea. I normally buy brioche or challah (or make my own if I’m feeling super motivated) but those can be difficult to find at times. My sisters and I used to go through a ton of cinnamon sugar growing up; that gooeyness you get when combining with melted butter is heaven on toast, tortillas, french toast, whatever.

    I too am weird about giving out recipes. I feel like people will start judging and be like “oh, why’d you do that?” or “that seems really easy” when in fact it was a bitch to make. But then maybe they would fail and I could be like, “ha, you suck and I rock!” Also, I never write down ingredients, measurements or steps and basically just wing it, so that poses another problem. Anywho, ramble over.

  5. Doug: If you don’t wing it at least a little bit, what’s the point of cooking, right? I mean you may as well just go to a restaurant if you want anal precision.

  6. Hawaiian bread is THE SHIT and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who likes to make French toast with it. However, I’m not crazy about syrup so I use preserves and butter as my topping. The last batch I made I topped with butter and blackberry preserves that my neighbor gave me. ORGASMIC.

  7. I really hate Hawaiian bread, but I think I might enjoy it as French toast. I may try this.

    For the record, I make unbelievably good French toast. You all should come over some Sunday morning to watch the Bears. I will make some.

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