Hit & Run: 10 days left…

You, sir, beat the Braves, 6-1, winning your first game this season.  You pitched 6 scoreless innings, and your phellow Phillies did their thang with the stick, as they are wont to do.  So, for that, Mr. Happ, you get top billing.  With this win, the Phillies remain 1/2 a game ahead of the Mets…

who finally beat the Nats, 9-7.  Jose Reyes homered to lead off the game, and the two Carlos added HRs of their own later in the game.  Elijah Dukes homered in support of the Nats.  Johan Santana goes tomorrow for us, and he better fucking win.  Ahem.

The Brewers also kept pace in the Wild Card race, beating the Cubs, 6-2.  They lost Ben Sheets to some injury – I think he hurt his snarfblat – but their offense picked them.  They remained 1/2 a game back in the WC, behind the Mets.  They really need to show they have Hart.  (Sorry, I couldn’t let that one go.)

A-Rod did something important in the Yankees’ 5-1 win over the White Sox, but since it doesn’t involve manly-looking women, I don’t care.  (Okay, okay, so he became the first player with 35 HRs/100 RBIs in 12 seasons, surpassing Babe Ruth, who has 11.)

The Rays beat up on Tim Wakefield and the Red Sox, 10-3.  With the win, they increase their AL East lead to 2 games over the Sox.  There were a bunch of homers, fun times at the Trop!

And only a year and a half after we started this little blog, I finally get a Ladies… shirt!  Baby Mets has one, too, and I’ll upload a pic of that later today.

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