Hit & Run: Tom Who?

Tom, can I please get off the bench now?

I must admit that I don’t watch a lot of football. I can be roped into it. I don’t hate it. I just don’t watch it. However, since the Ladies… have started a fantasy football league (oh and WOOT I’m number 1! Had a monster 115 point week which put me on top. I’d like to thank Adrian Peterson and Brandon Marshall for all their hard work… moving on), I have paid slightly more attention to the stats than in past years, especially the injury and suspension reports. I also have a major crush on Tom Brady. So while watching the Pats play in week 1 (and subsequently seeing Dreamboat go down in a sickening heap within the first 10 minutes) I wondered how the Pats would fair without their golden boy at the helm. Apparently, they can do just fine. Enter, Matt Cassell.

Who is this strapping lad? Well according to WIkipedia he is 26 y/o, 6 foot 4, 230lbs and hails from Northridge California. He also managed to lead the Pats to 17 – 10 victory over the Chiefs, completing 13 of 18 passes, zero interceptions, and one touchdown. He also led New England to a win in week two (19-10 over the Jets. Haha screw you Favre, re-retire already!). He didn’t toss any TD passes, but he also had zero interceptions. Not bad for a guy who has spent his entire career riding the pine pony. Keep it up Matt!!

And one for the road….

Get well soon Dreamboat. Cassel might not suck, but hot damn, nobody is as beautiful as you!
Get well soon Dreamboat. Cassel might not suck, but hot damn, nobody is as beautiful as you!

Soooo, did you watch Saturday NIght Live this weekend? Well I did. And I had super high-hopes for the show after the awesome intro with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I thought it was hilarious. I’m not a Palin fan, and I think Tina did such a good job, but more importantly I think that Amy seriously captured EXACTLY how you would think Hilary would react. The tortured expression, the barely concealed rage, the manic laugh. LOVED IT. However, oh man however, Michael Phelps did not live up to the hilarity set by the opening. I know there are some Phelps fan-girls out there who will hate me for this, but I’m sorry, he was so seriously not funny. His opening monologue was awful. That weird swim team locker room skit where he talks about pooping his speedo? Uncomfortable more than anything. He played a convincing awkward ugly teen in that one sketch, but it had no point, so it was not funny. I was disappointed. I was hoping for some funny along the lines of Payton Manning in his SNL United Way skit (I’m not saying I’ve killed a snitch, but I’m not saying I haven’t…). Did not happen.

Also, and I just have to point this out as a Lochte fangirl, it is RYAN LOCHTE who is the huge Weezy fan. Did you not see those Olympics specials where they talk about his 3 fave songs (all Lil Wayne), the celeb he wants to meet most (Weezy again) CD he would take to a deserted island (I think you see the pattern here). Somehow Phelps has jumped on that bandwagon and now gets to introduce him everywhere, the VMAs, SNL etc. What about Ryan? He should throw his friend a bone and invite him along to some of these events so he can meet his idol. Jeahhhhh!

Suited up, although not in the way wed like to see.

Suited up, although not in the way we'd like to see.

In the OTHER football news (and by that I mean soccer), Liverpool over came an 8 year AT HOME drought against Manchester United on Saturday to beat them 2-1. With Cristiano Ronaldo still stradling the bench with his ankle injury, only Carlos Tevez managed to score for Man Utd. Liverpool scored twice, thanks to an own-goal shot by Wes Brown (thats gotta hurt!) and some other dude who is not Fernando Torres. Nando had a strained hammy and was stuck watching the victory from the sidelines. This was supposed to be my ultimate hottie matchup. My once fave footballer facing off against my new fave. (For the record, me and Crissie are on the outs after his petulant summer antics, and Nando is cute, blonde, and freckled :)) Instead, I watched a bunch of guys who are less attractive (although some are quite cute) run around for 90 mins and score goals in their own nets. It was quite disappointing.

Come back soon, Nando!!

Come back soon, Nando!!

8 thoughts on “Hit & Run: Tom Who?

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  2. Phelps was freaking terrible on SNL. I didn’t even watch the whole thing.

    Also why does C-Ron always look so shiney? I feel like someone needs to introduce him to blotting paper.

  3. Janalee- I feel like he probably uses some sort of super fancy Creme de la Mer face cream and thinks youre not supposed to wipe off the excess or something… And his hair is getting worse…

  4. YAY Nando! Could care less about soccer; am in love with Fernando Torres.

    How in the hell did Wayne get that tall? Is it the absurdly long torso that makes him look about 4’0″? Besides, isn’t he “lil”? And, yes. The show was suck beyond suck, aside from the opening skit. Even Weezy’s chain-weed-smoking-frog-from-New-Orleans voice couldn’t save it. And as far as I’m aware, Phelps is a Jigga fan, not Weezy – faux pas, Lorne Michaels. Tsk.

  5. I’m a huge Phelps fan but I agree about his SNL performance. He was horrible. He didn’t have the comedic timing or acting ability that Peyton had. Still love the guy though ( even though I think Lochte would have been better).

  6. I had a lot of trouble getting through the Pats-Jets game last week…spent most of it holding my breath for Matt Cassel and laughing at Brett Farve’s interception (yes, he needs to retire again). Still miss Tom though.

    Agreed on the SNL too…opening skit was marvelous but turned it off during that locker room scene.

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