Ed Hochuli and NFL Rules to Blame


There was much talk Monday about the blown call by Ed Hochuli in the Denver Broncos/San Diego Chargers game on Sunday. Personally, I blame the NFL rules that prevent the referee from “fixing” this mistake after review. But clearly, Ed Hochuli admits he was also to blame and really feels badly about it. I feel he showed great class in stepping up and taking responsibility, and in personally discussing it with Norv Turner right after the game. I believe he’s a good ref who’s getting a bad rap.

I also must note that despite two botched calls, San Diego still had the opportunity to win and didn’t. As a Vikings fan who feels there were missed calls in Minnesota’s game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday (and I’m not the only one), I wish I could blame the loss on the play-calling. But that is a “loser’s lament” and we must admit that really good teams find a way to win, despite bad calls. True, the technology is there to allow these understandable human errors to be corrected. When they are not, it’s a loss all around. But it’s still just a loss.

6 thoughts on “Ed Hochuli and NFL Rules to Blame

  1. But when the technology ISN’T there? Like, say, when the repla system in the first quarter of the San Diego game mysteriously wasn’t working on the field and that also resulted in San Diego losing the ball after a bad call on the field and led to Denver getting another unearned TD. What about then, when the technology is and isn’t there because they can’t go to the booth for that? San Diego got screwed, hard, and there’s no other way about it.

  2. Coming from the fight world, I see a lot of questionable decisions. I’m often puzzled by the judges pick for wins. But what it is always told to fighters who might have gotten a little screwed is that you shouldn’t leave it in the judges’ hands. Knock him out or tap him out, and you won’t have to worry about being screwed over. So I offer the same advice to the Chargers. Don’t let it get that close.

  3. It’s a shame anytime the officiating becomes the focus of a game or competition. Unfortunately, human error is an inevitable byproduct of using, you know, humans as referees. And I say that as the bitterest of Iowa Hawkeye fans who still hasn’t forgiven referee Jim Bain for a botched call he made back in the 1980s.

    Also, I can’t believe you wrote an entire post about Ed Hochuli and didn’t mention his huge guns! That picture doesn’t quite do them justice, but I don’t suppose there are many posed pictures of NFL referees on the Internets.

  4. Mr Ed Hochuli is a HUMAN and we all make mistakes. I am not a fan of either team, but am a fan of the game. Mr Ed Hochuli made a mistake and admitted to it, how many people do you know that would sit there and tell you that the mistake was made and it was made by him (not many I bet).
    This MAN stood up and looked the coach in the eye and said it “I blew it” I could bet you all the money in the world that this MAN would have reversed the call if he could, but the GAME would not allow him to. Seems to be that the system needs to be changed and not this MAN. The complaints and the blame should go to the NFL and not Mr. Ed Hochuli

  5. He made a mistake and owned up to it. If the Chargers had been able to stop the ball at all then they wouldn’t have been in that position. They still had a chance to stop a touchdown at that point. And then still could have won if they broke up the two point conversion which was scored using the same play that scored the touchdown just moments before. The Chargers got screwed, but they still were in control of their own destiny. With a game that high scoring don’t put all the blame on the ref.

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