Love of the Game

I’m in Chicago right now.  My roommate from law school got married this past weekend and I’m sticking around for awhile to see friends.  I spent yesterday watching football in a bar, but at 7:05 pm they put the Cubs game on.  I was there with a bunch of Cubs fans.

Zambrano and Pujols

Zambrano and Pujols

You all know what happened.  Carlos Zambrano pitched a no-hitter.  And I have to tell you… I was rooting for him.  I don’t like the Cubs and I HATE Carlos Zambrano.  However, I was notified during the 7th inning via text message that Carlos was pitching a no-no.  We actually thought for awhile it might be a perfect game because we couldn’t remember him getting a walk, but he had given up one earlier in the night that we didn’t notice.

My friend who was texting me is a Cardinals fan and could not believe I was rooting for the no-hitter.  But I love baseball, I love to see things like that and I was happy for Zambrano.  When he got the last strikeout and all the guys rushed him, I got a little teary-eyed.  Congratulations.  Now let’s work on sweeping the Brewers, huh?

Other fun side note: we were at The Dark Horse, a Steelers bar in Chicago, and a drunk Steelers fan kept trying to see if he could have our table for the Steelers game, but we told him we didn’t know if we were staying.  He finally came back to let us know he had found another table to sit at and I noticed he had a stack of papers in his hand.  I asked him what they were and he said they were his lines and information for betting on the games today.  When I said, “Oh, can I look at them?” he responded, “Do you understand football?  You’re a girl.”

The two guys I was with could NOT stop laughing.  I mean, I’ve had guys be surprised before that I like sports, but I’ve never had such a blatant moronic comment just spew out of a guy’s mouth.  He tried to “save” himself by saying that he’s Canadian and they don’t understand football either, but that was just even more irritating.  My friend Andy finally just told, “No more words.  Just stop talking.”

7 thoughts on “Love of the Game

  1. Rooting for someone you hate, now that’s dedication.

    That’s actually funny about that drunk fool. You should have looked down, checked to see if you have breasts, and then been like “Oh my god, you’re right! What am I doing here? I thought this was Bed Bath and Beyond!”

  2. At one point in his floundering, he asked me if I liked the previews his friend wrote for each game (to accompany his predicted score) and I said, “Well, I don’t really understand them. Can you explain them slowly, using small words and a condescending manner?”

    He just looked confused then. Poor guy. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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  4. Now I don’t feel so guilty, being a Cardinals fan, and actually pulling for Big Z. Never thought I’d ever root for a Cub…now I want them to beat up on The Brewers…

  5. Earlier in the year, when John Lackey took a no-no into the bottom of the ninth against my Red Sox, I actually did want him to get it. The moment Pedroia’s grounder went up the middle, though, I thought, screw it–let’s have a walk-off. Of course, that didn’t happen…

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