Cubs Post, Again

It glooows!

It glooows!

My second Cubs post in 6 hours.  Whichever commenter got her panties all in a twist because of my hatred for the Cubs better be picking me out a basket of mini-muffins right now.  Anyway…

I’m still in Chicago and am watching the Cubs game in the Wrigleyville Goose Island.  (Just for the record, I am a meat-eater, but the Veggie Burger at Goose Island is PHENOMENAL. Anyway.)  I can’t help but notice today that Ted Lilly has a good lil’ game going on.  Shhh.  We won’t talk about it here.

I am also battling with the Angel and Devil on my shoulders about how to feel about this.  Because the Cubs just got handed two extra home games, essentially.  And Houston, who was suddenly surging in the WIld Card race, got robbed of two home games in the wake of a natural disaster.  That is SO crappy.

On the other hand… it really helps me that the Cubs took one (and probably two) from the Astros.  It helps the Cardinals.  But the part of me who likes fairness and sportsmanship and stuff thinks the Astros really got screwed with their pants on.

8 thoughts on “Cubs Post, Again

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  2. That was me who got my panties in a bunch about your rampant Cubs hating.

    I hope you like blueberry.

    Oh, also, Goose Island is good people. Their oatmeal stout is like a billion boners.

  3. I’m so sick of everyone feeling bad for Houston “losing two home games.” First off, home field advantage in MLB is debatable. The best part about it is batting last, which they got to do anyway. The games had to be played in a dome to ensure that they got in – there was too much wet weather out there and tons of postponed games.
    Houston had the option of playing in Tampa, but they foolishly held out hope that Houston wouldn’t be hit hard by Ike and they’d be able to play at home. It was a ridiculous notion that the city would be able to host MLB games and by putting their hope in that, they lost the ability to go elsewhere. It’s understandable that the players didn’t want to go elsewhere so that they could stay with their families, but at the same time, by making that decision, they were giving up the ability to play in Tampa.
    Then, they stayed in Houston holding out that absurd hope and it was their choice to stay that long and therefore have to fly into Milwaukee on Sunday afternoon.
    I’m sorry, but the whining is just getting on my every last nerve.

  4. No Anthony, that wasn’t you. It was a female.

    Nicole, the Cubs record is pretty different at home versus on the road. Part of that is the fans. The Milwaukee games became home games for them. Houston is still in the hunt and it makes a difference.

    I’m not WHINING, so stuff a sock in it. I was explaining my internal debate about how I feel about the games getting moved to, essentially, Wrigley North.

  5. Having the fans onside does make a huge difference. (Still suffering from weekend heartbreak in Boston.) And wasn’t there concern that Tampa might also be in the path as well? And weren’t the Houston players exhausted when they played that game Sunday night? I feel really bad for them. Hope it doesn’t become the difference for them making the playoffs.

  6. Actually home field in the MLB this year is for real. The disparity between home and road records is quite telling.

    That being said, it’s a freaking hurricane, people. Not much you can do about it.

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