Carlos Zambrano Throws A No-Hitter! WOOT!

I was born into a Cubs family, and have been a Cubs fan since I donned my first Jody Davis jersey at age 4. I have been through many ups and downs with my team, but one thing I have not watched them do (in addition to winning a World Series) is throw a no-hitter. My wait is over. Carlos Zambrano just threw a no-hitter — the first Cubbie no-hitter since Milt Pappas in 1972. Congrats to Big Z, and thank you for letting me witness it.

Thats right -- no hitter.

That's right -- no hitter.

7 thoughts on “Carlos Zambrano Throws A No-Hitter! WOOT!

  1. That wouldn’t have happened at MMP.
    It also helped that the entire Astros team spent the weekend without electricity and very little sleep.

    Oh well.

  2. That was beautiful to watch. Didn’t Z come within just a few outs of no-hitting the Astros in an earlier start? It was just a matter of time before he threw a no-no against someone. Probably not his last, either.

  3. Berah, you may be right, but Z was coming off of 12 days rest, and his stuff was just sick tonight. He probably would have thrown the no-no on Mars. That being said, I do think it sucked for the Astros that they had to play in Milwaukee. Maybe they shouldn’t have turned down St. Louis, which isn’t quite so close, or quite so welcoming, to the Cubbies.

  4. I spent my entire day trying to unflood our basement and get our internet and phone up and running and water heater on and furnace on and washer & dryer fixed. While wading around down there I got a text stating:

    “Zambrano has a no hitter through 8.”

    I scurried upstairs to catch the last 3 outs.

    Were the first 24 outs as nerve-racking?

  5. No, not really. It was actually a pretty quiet no-hitter, which is interesting considering it was Z. I was watching the game while studying, and wasn’t really cognizant of what was going on until my dad texted me in the sixth. DeRosa made one kind of tough catch in right, but other than that, there wasn’t a big diving catch or anything like that. Until the final out, Z was pretty unemotional, shockingly enough.

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