The Tailgate with Metsy: Let ’em eat cake!

There’s few things I love more than baseball.  One of them is cake.

This cake is awesome.  Except for the fact that it looks like Mr. Met’s head on a platter.

I turn 30 in January, so I’ve started the search for the ultimate birthday cake.  Along my travels, I’ve stumbled onto an amazing niche of baking: sports cakes.  The proliferation of groom’s cakes in recent years has led to some gorgeous work in this area of culinary yumminess. Now, most of us can’t probably begin to make such awesome delights, but that doesn’t mean we can’t drool over them.

Below are the best of the best:

This cake looks great, and seems fairly easy to make.  Without the fondant, of course.  (Disclaimer: this cake could be incredibly difficult to make.  I don’t know.)

Cupcakes take the cake! (Also the name of one my favorite blogs.)

This one was a graduation cake, but I love the rafting man atop the cake.  (Rafting’s more of a sport than poker!)

Speaking of, I’m “all in” for this cake.  (Shut up.)

This cupcake was my least favorite, but the glitter on the icing made me weak.  Slap glitter on anything and I’ll buy it.

This one grosses me out a bit, but I have got to give props to a great job done.  It looks too real.  Let’s move on, shall we?

Another cupcake one.  I like what the baker did there.  With cupcake balls and the hoop on the cake topper.

For our hockey fans out there.  Sure, the rink should be a bit bigger, but it is what it is.  (Is it wrong that I want to eat one of those little men?)

This one is almost too real to eat.  Some dumb person might even put it on their head.  I personally don’t know anyone that dumb, as all my friends and family are gorgeous and smart as hell.

This is one of my favorites.  Looks so real, I can practically see the sweat on the towel.  Sorry, I shouldn’t mention cake and sweat so close by.

This one is good, because it also works for a “Happy Retirement” cake, a grooms cake, or a “Congrats, you’ve-just-graduated-from-med-school-and-can-now-spend-your-afternoons-playing-golf” cake.

Thanks to Pink Cake Box for those beautiful cakes.  If you’re in the NJ area, give ’em a ring.  I’ve heard they have a hot pink velvet cake that’s to die for.

12 thoughts on “The Tailgate with Metsy: Let ’em eat cake!

  1. My mom used to be really into making cakes. She made an awesome soccer field with a big soccer ball (complete with the correct Buckminster Fullerene pattern) as the center circle for my team when I was like 8. She even piped all our names on it. And, it was all done in buttercream icing, so it was glorious. My mom thinks fondant looks cool, but cakes are for eating and it does not taste very good.

    Arthritis has stopped her cake making passion I think. But i wish she would start up again. Those cakes were bitchin’.

    And that hockey cake is awesome. As long as that’s not Nigel Dawes (and by the whiteness, I said it’s not), Marty is definitely going to stuff him on the shootout attempt.

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  3. If you want to make the cake yourself – there are a bunch of preformed cake pans out there (pennants, footballs, baseballs, etc.)

    but my personal favorite is the nordicware stadium cake pan. I always make it into a PSU stadium – but it could be made into any type of stadium/arena –

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