Meanwhile, 4 1/2 Games Out of the Wild Card …

Hot man, cool jersey. (Source:

I think I have shown remarkable restraint in making it to my seventh week before writing a Cardinals post. But can we talk about Albert Pujols for a second?

I know, you say, he’s great.  He’s always great. Next!

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the only player whose baseball card has ever been taped to my computer monitor is having not just a typical Pujolsian great year, but, in many respects, a career year.  And he’s doing it on an elbow that’s apparently being held together with chewing gum and the fervent prayers of the Redbird faithful. Please humor me for a minute while I throw some numbers (and some pretty pictures) at you …

His current batting average (.360), on-base percentage (.465) and OPS are career highs.

He’s currently leading the NL in all of the above mentioned categories, by the way, as well as in Runs Created, Batting Wins, Times on Base and Offensive Win Percentage.

Yeah, I'm never going to tire of this picture.

Yeah, I'm never going to tire of this picture.

Last night, Albert got his 100th RBI of the season (he probably wishes that he’d had a few more <sigh>), ensuring that his streak of 100+ RBI season remains intact. For those of you who are wondering, yes, that is every season of his career.  In the past 28 days alone,  (why yes I did spend too much time on researching this post!) he is hitting .442 with an on-base percentage of .515.

Think about that for a minute. For the last four weeks, more than half the time Pujols was at bat, he got on base.

Of course, with last night’s loss to the Cubs, the timing of this post is a bit awkward. Thanks for indulging me, anyway. And thanks to Albert for giving Cardinal fans hope past Labor Day.


9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, 4 1/2 Games Out of the Wild Card …

  1. Just because we won last night does not make him any less intimidating. When he was up in the bottom of the ninth, I was curled up in a ball with a blanket over my head, rocking back and forth while repeating “Pujols, Pujols.”

    Sadly, I’m not kidding.

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  3. I hate the Cardinals (sorry!). However, I have believed since his rookie year that Albert Pujols is the best thing to happen to Major League Baseball in my entire lifetime.

    So. Freaking. AMAZING.

  4. I even found him to be slightly attractive in a picture that was on Yahoo yesterday. And then when he was up to bat, I was worried that my finding him attractive would cause him to hit a home run and defeat my beloved Cubs. And he is having an amazing season.

    Minda, we are one in our Cards hate, but on October 4, we shall be enemies.

  5. That’s ok, I have a “no Cubs” rule on my fantasy team so I never have to root for them. Of course, it may also be why I’ve been in last most of the season.

  6. I can’t draft Cubs either. If I end up with some, I trade them immediately.

    I’m actually in the Bugs & Cranks playoffs with quite a few Cardinals on my team.

    We’re 5 games out! It’s not over yet! It’s not over yet! Go Cubs, beat the Astros! Go Phillies, beat the Brewers!

    Go Cardinals, beat the damn Pirates!

  7. Any team who loses a series to the Pirates in September should be automatically eliminated from the playoffs. No matter their record or standing. I mean…the Pirates…come on man.

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