Thanks, Around the Horn!

Around the Horn needlessly assaulted my eyeballs with that one picture of David Hasselhoff with a sharpei on his…self. If you don’t know the picture, you can see it here, but I don’t recommend it. ANYWAY, that visual attack came out of nowhere and totally interrupted by afternoon rythm. Thanks, AtH. Ugh.

Anyway…sports stuff.

Badass! Closer Joakim Soria squashed the Twins hope for the Wild Card this afternoon.

Badass! Closer Joakim Soria squashed the Twins' hope for the Wild Card this afternoon.

More baseball and some football, after the jump.

Two things are sort of unusual this time of year: midweek day baseball games, and me actually being in classes. Both of those things happened today, so I didn’t get to hear the game. But apparently David DeJesus drove in the winning run in the 10th inning of what could have been a ridiculously lopsided game – the starting pitchers were Fransisco Liriano and…Brandon Duckworth. Exactly. Instead, five Royals pitchers held the Twins to 2 runs, which pushed Minnesota to 5.5 games back from Boston in the AL Wild Card hunt.(Side note: Apparently Royals manager Trey Hillman has predicted that the Twins will WIN the division, and to hell with the wild card. Interesting.)

Why does the ONLY photo of DeJesus clutch hit have to look so unflattering?

Why does the ONLY AP photo of DeJesus' clutch hit have to look so unflattering?

Speaking of Rutgers (DeJesus went there), the Scarlet Knights and North Carolina are about to kick off on ESPN. I like the mentor vs. mentee thing going on tonight – via the Rutgers website:

The game features the first time Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano will face his former mentor in UNC head coach Butch Davis. Schiano served as Davis’ defensive coordinator when Davis was the head coach at the University of Miami in 1999 and 2000.

Rutgers QB Mike Teel...victorious tonight?
Rutgers QB Mike Teel…victorious tonight?

I also LOVE how this site has some UNC Ladies, and a Rutgers Lady. Gals, I expect to see some pillowfighting over tonight’s game!

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5 thoughts on “Thanks, Around the Horn!

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  2. Thistle as a loyal Rutgers fan, the only mercy for me was turning the game off at halftime.

    Has anyone heard that Ohio State is playing at USC this weekend? I had no idea!

  3. Now that we’ve got baseball posts again, can I talk about my amazing Jays for a minute? 10 game win streak against the Yankees, Twins, Rays and White Sox. All teams with winning records. Last team to do that, I believe, was the 1978 Royals. We’ve got 7 games against Boston (4 this weekend), so I’m choosing to believe we’re still in the hunt. We’ll see where we are at the end of the weekend.

    To be somewhat on topic, I did notice when we played them that the Twins were a pretty, pretty team. But then again, I don’t think my guys are half-bad either. :)

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