Hit & Run: The Quickie Edition

I have no idea what Mark Teixeira is doing there.  I don’t even know why I keep looking at him, when Torii Hunter’s arms are on display.  But Tex has captivated me.  Dance your happy dance, Mark!  (There’s lots of great pics over at Getty Images.)

The Angels clinched the AL West by beating the Yankees, 4-2, and the Rangers losing to the Mariners 8-7.  They are the first team to clinch their division this season.

The Mets are hoping to do their own happy dance, and added to their lead.  They beat the Nationals in a crazy back-and-forth game by a score of 13-10.  D-Wright had a HR, while Christian Guzman had 2, with 5 RBI.  Dang.  Mike Pelfrey did not pitch well, and squandered a 7-1 lead.  Lucky for him, the Nats bullpen was a little bit worse than the Mets.  The Nats defense didn’t help matters any.

The Mets were able to tack on a game to their lead thanks to the Marlins, who defeated the Phillies 7-3.  Thanks, Fish!

Mark Buehrle helped his team maintain their slim margin in the AL Central race.  He went up against Roy Halladay of the Blue Jays and won, 6-5.  They continue to lead the Twins by 1 game.

It almost looks as if he’s holding in the vomit.  The Diamondbacks (who have lost 13 of their last 16!) have gone from 1st place to 3.5 games back in the NL West.  They lost to the Giants, 4-3, and saw another game added to the Dodgers’ lead.  The Dodgers beat the Padres, 7-2, thanks to 2 Manny Ramirez HRs.

The Red Sox couldn’t over-take the Rays, who took 2 of 3 from the Sox this week.  It took them 14 innings, but they finally won, 4-2.  Carlos Pena hit a 3-run HR in th 14th inning, breaking the 1-1 tie.  The Sox went on to load the bases with nobody out in the bottom of the 14th, but were only able to squeeze out 1 run.  The Rays continue to lead the AL East, by 2.5 games.

RU plays NC tonight.  R – U!  (Although we’ll probably lose.)

ETA: While on an ice cream break with Baby Mets yesterday, we ran into a gaggle of cyclists.  I noticed they were wearing “Tour De Force” shirts, and those shirts had WTC images.  I asked where they were going and where they’d come from, and they cycled from D.C. and were en route to Ground Zero.  I know times are tough, but if you have a few bucks, consider donating to them.  They ride to raise funds for families of police officers killed in the line of duty.  What better way to mark 9/11 than to donate even $5 to such a worthy cause.

8 thoughts on “Hit & Run: The Quickie Edition

  1. Woo hoo we won the division! Let’s go over the top with champagne and t-shirts! Big fucking deal – you didn’t win shit yet. That’s something I’ve always hated about baseball.

    Nothing matters except for who wins the final game.

  2. The Red Sox totally got robbed in the bottom of the 9th…Jacoby Ellsbury was SAFE at first, which I think would have loaded the bases, but instead he was called out for the 3rd out of the inning to send it into extras. Booo!

  3. Oh man, you just had to mention the loss to Buehrle . My poor Doc – wanted to give him a hug so bad. He couldn’t trust his defense (why, oh why, wasn’t Overbay playing first?) and when that happens he gets a little shaky. So unfair – he should be at 20 wins already.

    At least we took the other 3 games – no mention of our amazing win streak? Watch your wild card rear-view mirror – we’re coming!

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