The Best Ways to Score

During the Bears win over the Colts on Sunday night, my beloved Bears scored by a safety. The safety is, without question, my favorite way to score. I love defense, and the safety is the only way for the defense to give the team some points doing what they do best — stuffing the offense. Of course, Lance Briggs scored a TD on a Marvin Harrison fumble, but that was imitating the offense, not laying people out and getting points for it. This made me think about my other favorite ways to win/score …

Courtesy the Chicago Tribune

Inside the park home run: It takes power, speed and a little bit of luck. Power and speed are usually not found in the same player, so inside-the-park homers are rare.

Behind the back pass to a dunk: Teamwork and flashiness, rolled into one fantastic package.

In wrestling, a cradle’s simplicity is its beauty. Isn’t it pretty? Get together your opponents arm and leg, and push his shoulders to the mat. Done and done. You win.

5 thoughts on “The Best Ways to Score

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  2. The lineman fumble recovery and long return for a touchdown. Nothing is more packed with so much awesomeness and unitentional comedy as watching a 300+ pounder “sprint” down the field, huffing and puffing, for the score.

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