Keep On Loving You

This weekend I got the Time-Life collection of the Ultimate Rock Ballads. Let me tell you, it is AWESOME! I spent the better part of the weekend enjoying the music. Then I got really excited about Monday Night Football, and the match-up between my Minnesota home team and the Green Bay Packers. I was really excited to blog today about how great Adrian Peterson is, how our D-line lived up to all expectations, and how Tarvaris Jackson showed real improvement over last year. However, after last night’s Vikings performance, all I wanted to do was cry. So I consoled myself with this.

Still, in preparing this post today, I was also able to console myself with the following photos of Adrian Peterson as well.





Ever the optimist, I believe in the Vikings and their ability to make the changes necessary to improve and win next week. However, if they don’t, we still have A.P. to look at. I’m Gonna Keep On Loving You, Purple Jesus!

7 thoughts on “Keep On Loving You

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  2. I know all the words to “Keep On Loving You,” but for some reason I now have “Take It On the Run” stuck in my head.


    Adrian Peterson makes me happy. Marshawn Lynch is cuter though.

    (No, I have no idea why I when I think of one I also think of the other. But Marshawn Lynch is cute. So I don’t mind.)

  4. Hey, at least they looked better than the Bengals. That game was enough to drive a baptist minister to drink.

    That said, Purple Jesus is ADORABLE! And all athletes need to wear “performance appearel” shirts in press conferences–damn!

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