Fantasy Hotties

Since we’ve all been talking about our fantasy teams, I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight a hottie from each of my teams.  So I am here to show off my Top 5 Hotties of Fantasy Football.  Because yes… I AM playing in five fantasy football leagues.  Yeah.

Reggie Bush, RB, DUAN League

Id let him run my back.  Or something.

I'd let him run my back. Or something.

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Anthony’s League

What?  I think hes dorky-cute.

What? I think he's dorky-cute.

Ladainian Tomlinson, RB, Monday Morning Punter’s Lazyball

Just... wow.

Just... wow.

Nate Kaeding, K, Ladies… League

Yes, I know its weird.  Hes just so adorable!

Yes, I know it's weird. He's just so adorable!

Tony Romo, QB, Notre Dame Law School Class of ’08 League

Now if hed only ditch that no-talent ass clown tramp that follows him around...

Now if he'd only ditch that no-talent ass clown tramp that follows him around...

Here are a few quick fantasy tips after week 1:

1.  Tom Brady is D-O-N-E, done.  Everybody except his fantasy owners and Bostonites rejoice and laugh.  So you might want to look into picking up Matt Cassel.  Is this his year to go all 2000 Kurt Warner on us?  You never know.

2.  Did your big fat stud lay a big fat egg this week?  That’s okay.  It happens.  Don’t go jumping ship on your big names because of one bad first week.

3.  Maybe take a peek at some Atlanta Falcons.  We all thought they were going to be a complete joke.  And yeah, they were playing the Detroit Lions.  But still… some undrafted talent lurking in free agency?

8 thoughts on “Fantasy Hotties

  1. For my money, I’m more of an LT girl. Holy crap.

    And why do I think Aaron Rodgers is so cute? He’s a like a dirty hippie guy. Maybe in my head he’s like Hyde from That 70s Show, and we could hang out in a van and smoke pot and climb the water tower and stuff.

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  3. 5 leagues? Good lord that must be a lot of work.

    Do you realize that all 5 of those guys you showed off have some sort of San Diego connection?
    Reggie – grew up there
    Aaron – owns a house near the beach now
    LT – Chargers
    Kaeding – Chargers
    Romo – born in San Diego

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