Please Retire, Chuck

When I mention my love of MMA to most non-fight friends know only one fighter: Chuck Liddell. It doesn’t matter that he has lost three of his last four fights. Maybe it’s his acting “career,” the fact that he briefly dated Willa Ford before she married Mike Modano, or his sweet tattoo. Still, people know him, so it’s not great for the UFC that their best known fighter was KO’ed on Saturday night. So Chuck, here is my plea to you: please retire.

Even if you dont know the UFC, you know Chuck Liddell

Even if you don't know the UFC, you know Chuck Liddell.

Liddell lost to Rashad Evans on Saturday night by KTFO. (You can guess what the F stands for.) He was out for almost a minute. With this loss, he has clearly shown he is not the fighter he used to be. Two of those losses were by stoppages, meaning that the fight didn’t go the full three rounds. (Or five, in the case of the loss to Rampage Jackson.) He has taken many serious blows to the head. He is 38, and as MDS at Fanhouse noted, he doesn’t have many good prospects for future fights.

So I beg you, Chuck. Retire. You’ve already shown that you are a little punch drunk in a few interviews. I know that it’s hard to walk away from the fight, but do you want to have mush for brains in a few years? Yes, other fighters have stayed in the game longer. Randy Couture is 45 and will be fighting in November. However, Couture’s strength is in his ground game so he doesn’t sustain the same sort of blows to the head as you do, my dear Chuck. So retire. Take up golf. Or poker. Or getting lap dances from two chicks at once. Just don’t be that guy who we see in a few years, and wonder why he didn’t walk away before things got bad.

2 thoughts on “Please Retire, Chuck

  1. I second. I didn’t get to see this fight, but the last few have been very disappointing. And judging from your’s and the hubby’s description this one was even worse. Honestly, it seems ever since he went “mainstream” he’s been nothing but an attention whore and focusing very little on his fighting–and it has shown.

  2. chuck will always be a champion his loss to rampage was were he started going down hill . he needs to take a brake and see where hes at and get himself together then he can make his come back and get his title back if he chooses to come back he will get his title back he is still the best ko man in the u.f.c.

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