Very Superstitious, Writing’s On The Wall

One of the best parts of being a sports fan is the superstitions we come up with. How so? Because where else in life can you completely rationalize some of the crazy stuff we do in the name of “not jinxing” our teams? And it just doesn’t work in other parts of life. There aren’t too many sales associates that won’t say the name of the city they’re in so they won’t jinx that next sale.

Or something. I don’t think that analogy works, but you know where I was going with it.

Anyway, superstitions are fun. They make all our crazy behavior during games normal. And those among us without a silly superstition about their favorite baseball or hockey team? They’re the crazy ones.

So I asked the Ladies… what are some of the superstitions they have for their favorite teams. Add yours in the comments.  

ChiTown Chick

I am crazy superstitious. If anyone makes assumptions that a team is going to win, I make them knock on wood. I will not watch any of my teams play from a bar because they always lose. For Missouri football games, I sit in the dark, on the corner of my couch wearing my MU hoodie with the hood up. There is often a blanket on my head too.  After every cubs win, my sister must text me “hey Chicago what do you say,” and I respond with “cubs are gonna win today.” I’m just realizing that I sound crazy. Oh well!

Games Mistress

I don’t have too many set superstitions, although I will try to keep doing a particular thing if I happen to be doing it when one of my teams is winning.  Like my senior year of college, when OU won the national championship in football, I wore silver nail polish with red sparkles in it to the Nebraska game, and after we won that game I kept retouching the polish all the way through the Orange Bowl.  And I had a particular chair I sat in for the entire 2006 World Series.

I do, however, have an evil Cardinals hat.  I misplaced it during the 2004 postseason and found it right before Game 1 of the World Series, and I’m so convinced it contributed to the sweep that in 2006 I wouldn’t even open the closet where I keep it.  I loaned it to my mother when we were going to a Mets-Cardinals game last summer and it turned out to be the only time my parents and I have ever had tickets to a major or minor league sporting event that was rained out — and only a few weeks after that came the Ankiel HGH revelations and the Encarnacion freak foul ball.  So the hat now stays in the closet.  I’m afraid if I try to throw it out or destroy it or something it will do something truly horrible, like make Pujols’s bad elbow finally come apart.

Miss Minda

I am VERY superstitious, but it’s just a lot of little things. I always knock on wood, never mention how well someone is doing until it’s over (hit streaks, no-hitters, etc.). I have a “lucky” jersey, some lucky underwear, even a particular pair of socks I wore during a David DeJesus hit streak once. (For the record, I washed them every day. But they were white and blue and had his number – 9 – on them. Perfect! And he started hitting really well right when I got them.) I believe in jinxes, and get paranoid that my own actions can negatively impact ballgames happening many hundreds of miles from my home.

Lady Andrea

My big superstition is that I have to be wearing a shirt of my team, Iowa or St. Louis.  I did a post here about all the shirts I have.  It’s kind of out of control.  If the team starts losing, I’ll change my shirt, like the mojo might change or something.  Also, in the 2006 postseason, I realized during the NLDS and first few games of the NLCS that my Rolen jersey was bad luck.  We lost every game when I wore that.  So I had to put it away and I started wearing my baby blue Cardinals jersey shirt.

Cinnamon Girl

Only superstition pre-game is if they won the last game, I have to wear the same shirt but if they lost, I have to change to another team shirt. I keep two on hand for this. Also, during important games, we do shots every time the home team scores! That can get ugly!

La M Alana

Is this any game, or just basketball? If it’s a basketball game I really care about, and it’s close, I can’t sit down in the fourth quarter. Not even during the breaks. I pace and jump up and down and generally endanger my own health…I’m not sure if it works, but then, what does that matter? It makes me feel better.

Mistress Christina

My biggest superstition (and this mostly applies to basketball) is that people are not allowed to talk positively or negatively about my team or the game in my presence. No “ohhh were gonna win!” or “man were doomed”. I can’t stand that shit. I feel like it jinxes things. Which is usually my retort: “Quit jinxing shit!!”. I don’t like to feel too confident, because I don’t like to be let down and I don’t want to be too cocky and endanger my team with bad karma. I also don’t want to be too negative lest my boys feel my negative vibes and play poorly as a result. (Yes, I do think that my own personal thoughts can help or hurt my team. And yes, I know I’m totally nuts). I also pray to basketball Jesus. Beg him really. Normal Jesus might not care about how the Tar Heels fare, but basketball Jesus certainly does.


I actually don’t have many superstitions. It’s fruitless to talk to me during Michigan or Duke games. You can speak all you like but I won’t respond, not even to yes/no questions. I never eat while Michigan or Duke is playing. Eating=losing. I never wear any apparel with Michigan or Duke on it. I try to avoid wearing the color blue during Duke’s game days. If Michigan or Duke starts losing I start turning the channels and watch anything but the game. I have almost missed the outcomes of so many games because of this (the :01 TD vs. Penn St. and the Dockery half court shot against Virginia Tech come to mind first). Oh, and I never use the bathroom during a game if I can help it. Not even during halftime.

So yeah, not that many.

8 thoughts on “Very Superstitious, Writing’s On The Wall

  1. I completely meant to say “if this any game, or just football?”. Oops.

    I’m with Christina on not letting myself be too optimistic – I’d refuse to say “they’re going to win”, or “it’ll be easy”, or “everyone knows Ohio State sucks,” or anything like that. Hey, itt worked for three national championships.

  2. I have many, many superstitions. I have a seperate set for the Twins and Wild, and yet another set for the Gophers.

    This has inspired me to write a post on the subject.

  3. I have a lucky Patriots hat that I can’t wear until Tommy’s doing the kneel down. My wife also game me a Pats long sleeve shirt that I wore for the first time for SB42. She’s lucky I only threw out the shirt.

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  5. I am very superstitious when it comes to sports. If something works one game, I am very careful to replicate exactly what I wore, ate, etc. for each subsequent until the juju wears off.

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