Friday Afternoon Grab-Bag: Wait, Two More Months?

I had a busy week, y’all, and I’m tired. It was my first week of classes, and of work; on top of that, there was cleaning up from Fay, taking care of new kittens, trying to figure out who to draft in fantasy football, and staying up for the DNC. Yes, I am a dork. But I am a sports dork, and as I paged through my planner this morning – determined to be organized for the first time in my life – my thoughts turned, as they often do, to basketball. Specifically, the NBA. And, as I actually noted the dates on my planner pages, my heart sank. The NBA’s season doesn’t start until October 31st. With a quadruple-header, no less! How am I going to deal that long?

But then, my heart sank even further, for at the end of my hectic week I realized: crap, I haven’t planned anything for my post this afternoon. I want to do right by you all, so I scoured my various folders for the very best of the pictures I’ve saved: pictures I’ve never had recourse to use here before, cute pictures, hot pictures, pictures for an off-season rainy day. For example, this picture of Kevin Garnett. Never had a post to use it in before; the Timberwolves jersey made it out of date before I even became a Lady. But I do appreciate his intensity here. And also, veins.

And so, join me in weeping at the length of the offseason enjoying the best of the basketball grab-bag – long on pictures, short on analysis – after the jump.

Now, another player I’ve never much talked about here is Hakim Warrick. This is mostly because his team sucks, a lot. He sure is pretty though.

I was going to post that picture of Santonio Holmes – you know the one – but I love you guys too much to get you fired. But see, this is why I like basketball more than football. Who likes Jeremy Shockey? Honestly. Nobody likes Jeremy Shockey.

Chad Johnson’s okay though. Football’s not so bad…

I enjoy using this space to share my personal favorites. For example, Beasley.

In fact, I’m going to post this picture again, just because I…appreciate it so much:

…There’s about fifteen things that are very, very right about that picture. That’s all I’m saying.

There’re also players I have soft spots for that don’t make a lot of national news for their play. Jordan Farmar, for example. How many basketball players spend their offseasons healing Middle-East rifts with basketball and teaching kids to go green? Plus, I kind of want to tug on his ears.

Matt Barnes, anyone? Tell me it’s not just me.

Sometimes, you just need a dose of deltoids. Courtesy of Andrew Bynum (ANDREW BYNUM! He’s playing this year!) and Dwight Howard:

There’re pictures that are cute, but have no context – like this picture of Paul Pierce. But who cares? It’s Paul Pierce, lookin’ fly. That’s all it needs to be.

And now…


There’s ACTION!

There’s DRAMA!

(No idea who made this; all credit goes to them, whoever it is, because it’s kind of genius).




(There are more and similar of Anderson and LeBron. There’s been a lot of love over the years.)

There’s TRUE LOVE!

THERE’S – oh, how did that get in there? Weir. Er, weird.




There’s SASHA! (I like Sasha.)

There are the GREATS.

There’s the PRESENT.

There’s the PAST.

And there’s THE FUTURE.

And there’s the FUTURE future – ….okay, yeah, okay, this one is just for Christina. I don’t think Tyler’s going to do well in the NBA at all. Sorry. He sure is wholesome, though!

Have a great weekend, girls and boys! More analysis next week.

5 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Grab-Bag: Wait, Two More Months?

  1. Thank you for providing such a wonderful hangover cure! So much loveliness in one place. I will definitely have to watch more NBA this year, esp. the Cavs. I absolutely love Anderson & Lebron!

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