Oh, they’re SO gonna win the league.

Fact: Robin looks pretty hot when he’s disappointed.

This season is going to be amazing.

Or Arsenal will drop three points to Fulham in the second week and just generally be hilarious.

And I don’t mean ‘ha-ha’ hilarious either. Saturday’s match was more along the lines of the ‘HELLO PEOPLE?! Can we at least try a little?’ sort of hilarious.

Add in a near Eduardo moment where Fulham’s new man, John Pantsil, tried to bust Eboue’s leg kung-fu style, the fact that Fabregas is having injury issues, Wenger being dead set on not wanting to sign any other players (except for the occasional Man U reject), that — of all people — Adebayor is calling the team to ‘keep focused’ two weeks into the new season, and it’s looking like we’ve got a slight problem here.

There’s also the William Gallas question which I’ve decided I’m going to completely ignore from here on in. In truth, his hair situation (what happened to the spiky mohawk thing?!) and moronic in-front-of-the-cameras pep talks just amuse me a hell of a lot more than whether or not he should be captain. The answer there should be obvious.

In terms of Toronto FC, things are looking moderately okay — there’s a bit of unbridled optimism for you. A draw this weekend with the Revs’ at home and that playoff spot is looking further and further out reach. A fair bit has actually changed since I even bothered to mention Toronto in a post. Namely, Maurice Edu has taken off for Scotland. Mo did have a great first season with us but his second season — this one — didn’t exactly get off to a thunderous start. In fact, he looked downright ordinary for a good chunk of it.

To finish on a completely random note: Why in the hell was Michael Phelps hanging with Anton ‘self-defense‘ Ferdinand this weekend? If Phelps think this is in any way cool, it is not. It is really, really not.

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