Preseason football coverage: Useful?

I like football quite a bit. My preference is college, but the NFL is pretty neat too, and it’s a way to pass the time in the winter when it is Sunday, or Monday, or Thursday, or whatever. But I’m just not into pro football the way I am some sports. (And by “some sports,” I mean baseball.) So what’s the deal with preseason NFL coverage?

I understand this fellow will be starting for Chicago this year?

I understand this fellow will be starting for Chicago this year?

NFL people, help a Lady out here. I have so many questions!

It seems that NFL preseason action gets a whole lot of coverage, with games being televised and then later discussed on SportsCenter. If you’re a hardcore fan who follows your NFL team closely and nitpicks all their decisions, is this coverage enough? On the other hand, if you’re just a casual fan who watches the NFL just  because it’s what’s on, is this coverage too much?

I ask this because I honestly don’t know. I’m a baseball girl to the extreme, so I can understand the appeal in preseason action. I listened to every single Royals Spring Training game, and watched the two that were televised. There’s a lot to be learned about the individual parts that make up a team, before the first day of the regular season dawns. But in my mind, that coverage doesn’t have to be national, does it? Or are NFL fan bases geographically fragmented enough that coverage of preseason games needs to be national?

And this one applies to every sport: Is there such a thing as too much knowledge about your team? Sometimes I wonder if knowing the ins and outs of every part of, for example, the Royals lessens my ability to just enjoy their games. Instead I feel like I have to break down and analyze each one. ‘The Royals lost today and here’s why,’ as opposed to ‘the Royals lost today, how sad.’ Is that a bad thing? Do we, in general, get too much information from tWWL and other sports outlets?

Anyway, I just wondered about the NFL thing because I’m always in favor of televising more baseball at this time of year. But if y’all like your preseason games, I will be less grumpy when they are on TV and baseball is not.

In other news, it looks like the Royals may never win another game. And Mitch Maier, an outfielder who was finally getting his chance in the Bigs, got his face all smashed up. (Video on this page)

No, anything but that face! Ahhh! Poor Mitch.

No, anything but that face! Ahhh! Poor Mitch.

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8 thoughts on “Preseason football coverage: Useful?

  1. The only reason I like preseason football is to see some of the guys play who don’t get to play regularly. However, it’s not terribly fun to see Matt Cassell suck it up (notice I said “suck” and not the preferred alternative). Anyway, it’s a good time to check out the rookies and to begin winding up the trash-talking machine for the season to come.

    Plus, it’s nice to see some tight pants and shoulder pads again…

  2. I feel bad that I don’t know enough about my Rams. Last season was just bad. The D, I always loved watching the defense, was awful…I am excited about the up coming season, Chris Long is the guy I’m going to watch for. I know so much about The Cardinals. I love baseball. I watch nearly every game, football, not as close. Don’t know why…
    And I keep missing the pre-season games. I caught one. Need to pay more attention…

  3. I like to read about training camp and preseason games on the blogs but I don’t feel any need to actually watch them. I’ve never felt like you can tell that much about how good a team really is from how they play in the preseason.

    Spring training baseball is different for me because I’m usually hitting my “God, this winter will never end” phase about the time it starts and that gets me through it. Football just reminds me that school’s starting.

  4. Anytime SportsCenter is involved, “too much” is to be assumed.

    With that being said, preseason football is a wretched bastion of inhumanity and suffering. I would be happy if preseason football just went away forever, but without question the coverage of these meaningless games full of players who are going to be cut and vanilla game plans at best is way over the top. Little-to-nothing can be learned about a team from a preseason game and that goes for everyone from fans to coaching staffs.

    It is awful.

    Just awful.

  5. I am just bitter because I am here in Chicago – a city with two first place baseball teams, the number pick in the NBA draft and a rejuvenated Blackhawks team who will be playing a nationally televised game against the Red Wings in Wrigley Field on New Year’s Day – and all anyone wants to talk about are the stupid freaking Bears preseason games and fake QB competition.


    The Bears are going to require a series of plane crashes and/or multi-team suspensions to crack the 5 win barrier this year.

  6. I’m from Dallas, where I swear to you during the Mavericks Nba Finals run a couple years back, ESPN radio still hit up a section of each radio slot with Cowboys coverage. So I know too much coverage of useless football time when I see it….

    However, the pre-season isn’t terrible. There isn’t alot of caring I put behind it but I will watch it if its on. I think it fits into the non-baseball-fan crowd or the Texas Rangers fans (since we’re normally out of it by the second month of the season).

    Its really just a space saver before the real season starts.

    Final note : Now I’m in Austin and pre-season college coverage….just as intense.

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