Hit & Run: The One Where I Call In Sick

Peeps, today I’m going to have to beg off my usual MLB roundup.  This morning, I had my second appointment with the periodontist.  Yes – a periodontist.  Fun times.  The left side of my face is still numb, but it’s starting to wear off.  Thank Jebus for the oxycontin I keep around.  (By the way, that adorable little girl is Christie Rampone’s, of the gold medal-winning US women’s soccer team.

But, since I love y’all, I wanted to share this mascoty goodness with you:

Full disclosure: I love mascots.  I love them so much Baby Mets has a Phanatic.  (It’s still undecided whether or not he’ll be making the trek down to Philly with us next week.)  On Saturday, we’re going to Build-A-Bear in the city for a Mets Meet & Greet.  Scott Schoeneweis and Brian Schneider will be there, but the main attraction is Mr. Met!

5 thoughts on “Hit & Run: The One Where I Call In Sick

  1. MC, isn’t that a little unsavory for a Mets fan to have Phanatic doll? She should use it as a voodoo doll!

    Also, congrats to USWNT. That game was spectacular. I don’t usually bite my nails off for anyone other than the Devils, but I made an exception today.

    PS Good see to see Carli Lloyd, the pride Rutgers womens soccer, get the GWG!

  2. It has been a big day for US ladies teams. Softball and water polo get silver, basketball wins their semifinal and soccer wins gold. Was particularly happy with the soccer; team, esp. Solo, excorcises the demons and beats Brazil even w/out Wambach and Whitehill. I normally would have taken a 1/2 day to see the match, but since they had played so much better when I was not watching that I just went to work and didn’t watch a single second until it was over.

  3. I was watching the water polo match as my periodontist poked and prodded, but the 40 minutes in his office was too short to watch the whole match.

    Def a good day, thistlewarrior!

  4. as a braves fan who is obsessed with mr. met (i took 11 pictures of him when i was at shea on tuesday), i think it’s great that baby mets has a phanatic.

    also, where in the city is the build-a-bear? i have to be at work, but maybe i can convince my dad to go (he’s a mets fan, so he’d probably really enjoy it).

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