Dear Tigers, It’s Been Swell

Hey Detroit Tigers. Remember me? Well, I decided this year that I wanted to root for a baseball team and picked yours. It was just more convenient for me to. I didn’t want to root for the Atlanta Braves and I was already a big fan of the (somewhat) local college football team, University of Michigan. So, you know, it was just easier to hitch a ride on your train.

But every since August hit I’ve kinda been pulling away from you. Don’t get me wrong, I check out the box scores every morning, see how the team did. I root for you still. But my full attention hasn’t been on you lately. And I think it’s time we parted ways.

One of the few times the Tigers smiled all season. Sigh.

Don’t get me wrong Tigers, I’ve enjoyed my first year as a baseball fan. The 2-10 start was memorable, even if it was for the wrong reasons. As was the following 10-2 record to get back to .500. It was frustrating having reliever after reliever blow games and the starting ace of your staff be just not good this year. It was sad to hear about Jeremy Bonderman’s blood clot (thus being lost for the season) and watch Dontrelle Willis implode right before our eyes. It was great to see the callups like Armando Galarraga and Matt Joyce completely come into their own. And I loved seeing Curtis Granderson break out of his slump, Placido Polanco’s hitting streak and Marcus Thames’ home run streak.

I’ve commiserated with fellow fans on DUAN and in email. I’ve gotten introduced to some new blogs that I’m now a loyal reader of. I even wanted to go to Detroit this summer, although I couldn’t make. All in all, through the roller coaster ride that was the Tigers this season, I’ve enjoyed it.

But it’s almost the end of August now. And with the end of August comes college football and I really can’t be bothered with other sports when football comes back into season. So I’ll still follow you. I’ll watch the games that come on in my area and still check to see what happened last night. I’m still going to root for you guys. And come next April I’ll be right there along for the ride. I’ve become a baseball fan because of you guys. But my worry and angst, time and energy needs to be spent on Michigan football right now.

So good luck for the rest of the season. I’ll wait for next year. That’s a baseball term, right?

5 thoughts on “Dear Tigers, It’s Been Swell

  1. And there will be loads of worry and angst this season. I have never been so apprehensive and fearful of a season in my life.

  2. I stand by my claim before the season started that letting Casey go and picking up Cabrera and Willis was a mistake. The Pudge trade I fully support and will help next season.

  3. I miss the days when the Tigers were our biggest rivals. Still wish they were in the AL East. I honestly thought they’d be way better. We’ve had a similar-type season, so I feel your pain.

    Still, I’m not going to feel sorry that the Jays kicked major butt in Detroit last week.

  4. As a ChiSox fan, I don’t feel too bad for the Tigers’ – oh, we’ll say “lackluster” – season. But think, it could be worse. You could have chosen the Mariners to support this year.

    Unngh…Michigan football might be my downfall this college season.

    How am I supposed to rag on the local Big 10 teams if the one I support isn’t even ranked in the Top 25 by a bleeds-blue-and-maize blog like MGoBlog (

    /makes note to get Tressel voodoo doll out of box

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