Second (or third) Best No More!

Mmm, so hot.

Mmm, so hot.

Two of my most favoritest Olympians finally secured themselves a place in Olympic history by taking their own individual gold medals!

Look how cute she is!

Look how cute she is!

Golden Elf-Child Shawn Johnson, my fave gymnast in these games, finally overcame Silver-fest 2008 (silver in team, all around, and floor) to win the individual gold medal on the balance beam. I couldn’t believe she didn’t score higher on the beam during any of the previous rounds. She was by far the best girl on the beam, hardly a balance-check or wobble in sight. She was precise and powerful, I kept waiting for a 17 to pop up on the screen. But no. Stupid international judges were hesitant to even give her a 16, which she clearly deserved. Her score in the individual was a 16.225, besting her teammate Nastia Liukin who settled for silver.

My other (or rather most) favorite Olympian Ryan Lochte, hottie, and now Olympic Gold Medalist. Also, my future husband. If someone could let him know, that would be great.



Ryan Lochte may have won gold in the men’s 4×200 relay but he was shut out in his first individual event, taking bronze behind Michael Phelps and Laszlo Cseh in the 400 IM. His second individual event was the 200 backstroke, where he was up against the man who tied him for the world record in that event, Aaron Piersol.

He seemingly cruised to a victory in this event (0.38 seconds under his previous world record), easily out-touching Piersol who took silver. This was his first ever individual gold medal, having taken the gold in Athens and Beijing in the 4×200 relay. A mere 27 minutes later, Lochte found himself back in the pool, racing Michael Phelps and Laszlo Cseh again in the 200 IM. Unfortunately for him, the outcome was the same: Bronze. How can he be expected to put up another gold medal performance in SWENTY SEVEN minutes?? Especially going against the best swimmer ever, one Michael Phelps. Whatever. The backstroke is his event anyways, and now he is an Olympic Gold medalist. WOOT!


One for the road :)

12 thoughts on “Second (or third) Best No More!

  1. It’s so tough with these swimmers…Aaron Piersol is clearly smarter, but Ryan Lochte is clearly cuter. Why must these decisions be so hard?

    Laszlo Cseh intrigues me as well. Although, I did have to scroll up and back down three times to spell his name right.

    <3 Shawn Johnson. I love how we have two complementary flavors – bitchface Nastia Liukin (I SAY THAT WITH UTMOST LOVE, I dig the bitchface), and brick-house adorable Shawn Johnson. I’m so happy they’re both getting so many medals.

  2. I like Nastia, but Shawn is just so stinking cute. I also like her style a bit better. She is more precise, whereas Nastia is more graceful and gumby-like. Nastia was robbed on the bars however. Gymnastics should allow sharing medals, I mean how often are you honestly going to get 2 of the same score? If that happens they should both get gold. That little Chinese girl didnt do any better than Nastia, she didnt deserve the title outright. She is also 12, and hence, a cheater.

  3. I love both Shawn and Nastia, but I’m so glad Shawn finally got her gold. Took damn long enough.

    Can we just say swimmers are by far the hottest athletes in the world? I know I know, baseball and the ass and hockey and the toughness. But the bodies swimmers have should be illegal.

  4. SA – I love swimmer bodies. I’m not ready to raise them above a linebacker’s body, but it’s close. Also, I will cut Ryan Lochte’s hair for him, and then I will claim him for myself.

    As for gymnastics, I like Nastia and Shawn (and Alicia too, poor girl). They all got fucking robbed at one point or another. Gymnastics scoring is so fucked up. I get it, about the rules and everything, but that doesn’t make it right. I know this isn’t totally relevant, but I quote the late, great George Carlin: “Gymnastics isn’t a sport because Romanians are good at it. It took me awhile to come up with that, but there, I did.” Just substitute “Romanians” with “Chinese” and it works for me.

  5. SA – Yes we can. The height, the abs, the arms. Swimmers have got the whole package going.

    As for Nastia v Shawn. I’m going with Shawn. Nastia seems a bit angry when she’s doing her routines. And no, I didn’t say ‘stoic’ or ‘calm’ like the commentators are. I said angry. Plus, Shawn is just so damn cute.

  6. Pam-yeah, the hair in that first pic is bad, but he still looks damn hot.

    Here’s why I love Nastia-she really is a throwback to the artistic side of gymnastics. If y’all have the time go and find some vids on youtube of the ’96 games or earlier when there was a dance element in every apparatus (except vault). The floor routines, minus a few, this year have sucked so bad. The BB is just tricks now. And in the end that’s why she won A-A. Although those Chinese girls were over scored. A lot.

    My hope is that both of them come back for the 2012 Games in London.

  7. Mmmmm…the swimming may be over but we can still ogle the men. Aaron Piersol is handsome but Ryan Lochte is freaking uber-hot. In my next life I wouldn’t mind being reincarnated as the massage therapist for the USA men’s swim team.

    I was disgusted with all of the gymnastics, the US athletes were so robbed. Both Shawn and Nastia seem to be nice, pretty normal young girls. It is good to see them as friends as well as competitors. They have been hugely robbed by the IOC, the FIG, and the Olympic judges. Yet they have both behaved with grace and class and made all of us very proud of them.

  8. I gotta go with Nastia. She reminds me of Shannon Miller, who was my favorite, for her grace. Nastia and Shawn got screwed during event finals though.

  9. oh (&*)(^ me, I ogled the Men’s Journal cover already and decided not to buy it, and now I want it! I hope it’s still in the stores. I’ll cut the Michael Phelps out.

    Because I’m a Lenny Krayzelburg fan, I’ve never loved Aaron Peirsol. So Lochte winning the gold is something I can totally get behind. Yes, swimmers have the best bodies. And that last picture made me drool on my keyboard ;)

    Susan, I noticed a lot of Chinese gymnasts wouldn’t land on two feet and still get more points than those people who did land on two feet.

  10. Lenny K was hot too, I do remember him :) It must be a thing with these backstrokers. A hotness requirement or something.

    If you dig around on the NBC website there is a video clip section. There are plenty of funny Lochte quotes to be had on these videos! I am trying to figure out how to download the clips but so far no luck.

    Then there is this glorious bit called ‘Guess the Abs’. My oh my:

    I read somewhere that Lochte lost his grill the other night. I wonder how long until it ends up on eBay? hehe

  11. I adore Shawn, she’s so damned cute! I like Nastia as well. She has such grace. I can’t count the times they were robbed! I’m glad Shawn won gold on the beam. It was well deserved. The Chinese girl had so many balance checks and still got a high score, wth? Yeah, Nastia should of won gold on the bars, again…grr! And Alicia, poor girl. One landed nearly on her ass, a bronze, Alicia, nada. Where’s the justice in that?
    I’m happy that Ryan won gold, and to come back in less than half an hour and bronze, wow. Me, I like the curls. That one pic, his hair is bad, but the bottom one, oye. Oh, the swimmers body. I can’t stop staring. I seen the pics in the magazine online. Man…that’s hot!

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