You Know Who You Look Like?

Im not totally crazy, right? About this, anyway.

I'm not totally crazy, right? About this, anyway.

There has been a lot of Michael Phelps ogling here at Ladies… recently.

I am not one of those oglers.

This is not because I’m not a fan of his athletic accomplishments, or because I can’t acknowledge that Phelps is a good looking young man (apologies for channeling my grandmother there). Since the Athens Olympics, however, I have become obsessed with the striking resemblance the most decorated Olympian of all time bears to my youngest brother. It’s very difficult to find someone hot when every time you look at them, you are reminded of a blood relative.

Anyway, Phelps isn’t the only Olympic medalist who reminds me of someone else. More athletes and their (actually famous and not related to me in any way) dopplegangers after the jump.

Russian diver Dimitri Sautin and Rob Corddry

One has one seven Olympic medals, one has made Jon Stewart crack up a lot. It’s a wash, really.

Natalie Coughlin and Denise Richards:

Denise, forget the reality show and get your agent to start pitching a Natalie Coughlin biopic. Trust me, it’s a better career move.

Ryan Lochte and Andy Samberg:

As long as Ryan insists on this hairstyle, this is who he looks like.  Now, should he decide to cut his hair ...

Ryan Lochte and Jason Segal:

In Jasons next project, he will be playing an Olympic swimmer to gets into all kinds of romantic hijinks on the way to the barbershop to trim his unruly mop of hair.  Its called Finding Ryan Lochte.

Andy and Jason are both vying for the starring role in a new romantic comedy about an Olympic swimmer backstroke champion who gets into all kinds of romantic hijinks on his first trip to the barbershop in eight months. It’s called Finding Ryan Lochte.

18 thoughts on “You Know Who You Look Like?

  1. Minda +1

    I hate Ryan’s curly hair. It just doesnt work for me. The short hair looks perfect on him.

    Also, it’s times like these when I thank the heavens that I do not have any brothers.

  2. I think Ryan Lochte’s hot any way he wears his hair. Way cuter than Michael Phelps. Sorry, Michael.

    I’m always struck by how pretty Natalie Coughlin is, but there was something about her I couldn’t quite figure out…Denise Richards! You got it.

  3. Actually that was me, Pam. It would have worked better if I had video — they are built very similar and move a lot a like.

  4. Oh god, believe me, I know how it feels for a hot guy to look like a family member.
    I haven’t been able to even LOOK at William Mosely (guy from Chronicles of Narnia) since my sister mentioned he sort of resembled our cousin. *shudders*

    And the fact that Ryan Lochte looks like Andy Samberg makes me love him even more!

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