Things I have jinxed

I’m normally somewhat rational, but baseball is always my vacation from reason. It doesn’t make sense to devote every waking moment to a single sport – especially when I root for the team that doesn’t often love me back. And rational thought tells me that my actions can not possibly affect how the Royals play when they are hundreds of miles from where I sit to watch or listen, but I don’t want to take any chances.

Yes, I have lucky underwear for the Royals. These are not them, but you get the idea.

Yes, I have lucky underwear for the Royals. These are not them, but you get the idea.

Some stuff I have jinxed, after the jump:

Once, I didn’t wear my lucky underwear for a Brian Bannister start, and it was a simply awful outing.  That was the end of April, and I think the panties lost their luck that day, as Banny has only won 4 starts since then, and hasn’t collected a win since June 23. My bad.

Im so sorry, Banny. My drawers have failed you!

I'm so sorry, Banny. My drawers have failed you! (Photo: Steve Hebert/USA TODAY)

Then there was a time last year when I called my then-boyfriend to say the game I was attending was almost over, so I’d be over to see him shortly. That game ended up going 15 innings.

A lot of times at work, I go and get the “postgame stuff” – our vague, non-jinxy term for the freebies we throw to fans after a home win – when it looks like our boys have a handle on the game and will win. Usually what happens immediately after I bring those items out to the field is that the ORoyals go on to cough up their lead, and lose.

And then there was the time I wrote that Kansas City would not finish last in the AL Central. Now, especially after today’s 9-2 beatdown by the Stupid PoopySox, it sort of looks like Kansas City may never win another game. (Incidentally, the Firefox spell-check has no problem with the word “PoopySox.” This amuses me more than I should admit.) And guess what! They have landed themselves back in the basement. Dear Cleveland, you are welcome. Love, Minda

This guy is glad I jinxed my team. Hes also 100.

This guy is glad I jinxed my team. He's also 100 years old!

How can I make this stop? I’m already pretty superstitious; I knock on wood for even the most seemingly insignificant chance of a jinx. For pity’s sake, I align my wardrobe choices with the day’s pitching matchups. I’ve learned not to talk about hit streaks or possible cycles until they reach their natural conclusion. (Side note: I’ve always wanted to see someone hit for the cycle, but with my luck it will be done by an opponent…just like the time I saw my first no-hitter in person.)

Perhaps the answer is to root for a team that doesn’t lose so often. Fewer losses would mean fewer chances to blame myself for my team’s foibles. But then I wouldn’t get to use the word “foible.” Decisions, decisions; life is so hard!

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I hail from Nebraska, and I like to take pictures. I love the Royals more than what the Surgeon General recommends (the recommendation, in case you need to know, is about 4.5 milligrams per day for persons of average height and weight).

3 thoughts on “Things I have jinxed

  1. Maybe you’re just trying too hard. Aligning your wardrobe choices with the pitching lineup is signaling to the universe “I’m scared they’re going to lose, so I’m doing all this stuff”. Letting go to the flow tells the universe, “hey, it’s all cool. I have faith.”

    Of course, I’m a Jays fan and my team is 10 games back yet I’m not losing hope. What do I know?

  2. Minda,
    You’re welcome for the PoopySox. Bonus: I’m from the Husker state.

    The one & only “PoopySox”

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