Hit & Run: I Heart Baseball

First, I’ve got to tell you all: I’m the only one here apathetic to the Olympics.  I don’t not like them, I just don’t care.  So that’s why there really isn’t a whit of Olympics information in here.  I know Phelps and I know parts of the womens’ volleyball match that was on earlier yesterday, at my dentist’s office.

Anyways, back in MLB, my Mets finally have a laugher.  They beat the Nationals 12-0, on the strength of an 8-run third inning.  I felt bad for Jason Bergmann, the Nats’ starting pitcher, as he went to Rutgers also, but my team won!  Woot.

(And because the Phillies let a 6-0 lead escape, with the Dodgers beating them 7-6 on a walkoff, HR by Nomar Garciaparra, the Phillies and Mets are now again tied for first in the National League East race.)

C.C. Sabathia continues to prove he’s worth his weight in donuts.  He got his 7th victory in a Brewers’ uni, beating the Padres 7-1.  Alas, the slacker only pitched 7 innings.  He gave up 9 hits and 1 ER in those 7 innings.  Corey Hart provided some offense, going 3 for 5 with a triple and 3 RBI.

The Yankees failed to capatilize on Tuesday’s victory, and lost to the Twins, 4-2.  It feels like the wheels are coming off.  However, I’ve been around the Yankees all my life, and I know enough to never count them out.  The Yanks are now 9 games behind the division-leading Tampa Bay Rays, who beat the A’s earlier today, in spite of Carl Crawford’s possibly missing the rest of the season and Even Longoria not expected back for a bit.

Sorry for this is shortened H&R.

9 thoughts on “Hit & Run: I Heart Baseball

  1. Metsy, it’s not just you!!! I’ve kept quiet in e-mails and such, but I’m not huge into the Olympics either…the one evening I’ve spent watching them was only because the Royals weren’t playing.

    The ‘lympics are nice, but I don’t go crazy for them at all.

  2. I’m with you as well. There really isn’t any sport in the Olympic I’m jazzed about, and I’d rather watch my Jays than the AAA team that’s competing for Canada.

  3. I love the Olympics. Maybe that’s because my favorite sport is hockey, which obviously isn’t in season. I can see why you pro-baseball ladies might dig it less, since you have something else to do.

  4. Pam: I do get caught up in opening and closing ceremonies, with the pomp and circumstance. And I like watching figure skating.

    But everything else? I just forget it’s on. But I’m like that about a lot of things. I’ve heard so much about “Mad Men”, and I mean to catch it, but forget when it’s on.

  5. I like the winter Olympics, but I’m fairly indifferent to the summer set.

    Thanks for showing Kevin Slowey (Twins pitcher pictured) some love. I have a big baseball crush on him.

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