I still love you, baseball!

Last night, my sister called me from work to ask the score of the Cubs game. Ummmm … wellllll, oh wait! I got a text saying the game was postponed. She asked me if they were still running the rain delay programming, and I scrambled to see what channel they were on. I didn’t even know the channel! You see, like the other Ladies, I have been immersed in the Olympics. Seriously immersed in the Olympics. Having dreams about the Olympics. So, though I’m not watching you, I still got nuthin’ but love for ya, baseball. After the jump, a few reminders on why I continue to love America’s pastime.

You know I love you, baby!

You know I love you, baby!

9 thoughts on “I still love you, baseball!

  1. Can someone explain the appeal of Grady Sizemore to me? I spent the whole weekend series (when I wasn’t watching Roy Halladay) trying to understand it. Jamey Carroll, on the other hand…

  2. Awesome. I guess technically I went to my first Twins game when my mom was pregnant with me during the 1987 World Series win.

    The Cubs are my National League team. I can cheer for them without fear of complications unless the Twins and Cubs play each other in the World Series.

  3. Wow…Jody Davis…

    Anyway, that was a brutal couple days without Cubs baseball and a lot of frustration when NBC breaks from the good events (gymnastics) to the boring, crappy events (swimming).

  4. Oh, boo to all the Cubs’ fans. I even married one, dammit. It’s a shame that the Cubs have hotties like Rich Harden…that means I have to endure watching a game and THEN listening to “Go Cubs Go” the rest of the night. ;)

    btw – I luuuurve Fourth Place Medal!

  5. Chitown: I hadn’t looked at the site since you updated, and it’s funny how you used an “I still love you, baseball!” headline, and I used “I heart baseball” headline.

  6. I wondered if that had been intentional, Metsy. Just reaffirming your positive feelings so that baseball *knows* that it is loved. But I like that it was just a cute coincidence.

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