Canadian Olympians are hot.

Tyler is yum.

While the other Ladies drool over Ryan Lochte et al. — and I’ve done my fair share of Lochte drooling/google-stalking, I’m not going to lie. (Blame CC) — I think it’s time we take a look at what the boys in red and white have to offer in Beijing.

Because Ladies… is 1/10th Canuck after all…

Tyler Christopher – track and field (400m)
Aside from track, this 2008 world indoor champion is into motocross and apparently wants to fly a Russian fighter jet when he’s done with this career. Adrenaline junkie, much?

Adam van Koeverden – kayak
If you’re Canadian, you’re probably sick of hearing about this guy. He’s the flag-bearer blah blah blah. Look at this snazzy Roots photo-shoot blah blah blah. I, on the other hand, am one of those girls who can never get enough Adam. Ever.

Robin Randall – Water Polo — goaltender
Is anyone shocked that I’ve managed to squeeze a goalie into this? I can’t help it, guys.

Gary Reed – track and field (800m)
Finished second at the World Championships last year, could very well medal this time also.

Alexandre Despatie – diving
I find Alex slightly annoying but I can appreciate the body.

Kyle Shewfelt – gymnastics
Not only is he pretty, he came back from two broken legs to compete. That takes some serious grit. Oh, and he blogs.

Adam Wong – gymnastics

David Ford – kayak

5 thoughts on “Canadian Olympians are hot.

  1. It would be nice if a Canadian could go ahead and win a freaking medal. I’m counting on the rowers.

    I’m actually kind of sick of hearing the Kyle Shewfelt story but that’s probably just because I’ve watched all of the Men’s gymnastics coverage so far (and am also currently watching the team finals).

    This post also inspired me to check out the athlete profiles on the CBC website and I hate the CBC.

  2. La M. – Hey, you know the beginning. That’s a start :)

    Kirsten – Co-sign.

    Janalee – The men’s eight is a good bet, I think. They did SO well today.

    Doesn’t Kyle just seem like a rock solid down-home Canadian boy though? I’m watching team finals too — Kyle is commentating. I’m not sick of him… yet.

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