When Athletes Blog…

I’ve uncovered a heretofore unannounced blog by Notre Dame and Cleveland’s QB 1, the heartthrob himself, Mr. Brady Quinn:

What can I say?  I think hes cute.

What can I say? I think he's cute.

Dear Blogary,

Golly, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I joined the NFL. The Browns are swell guys, especially Derek. We’re like total BFFs. I was so happy for him last year, what a great story! I mean, of course I really want to play. I gotta get out there and show everybody what I can do! Yeah! But I’m just thrilled for Dbear. Maybe this year we can find a way for us to share QBing duties. We already share so much, I’m sure it’d be awesome!

Did I tell you I got some new leg gear for training camp? Lindy helped me pick them out. I wanted to go with bright orange ones to match our uniforms, but she said black would be more slimming. Gosh, she’s so right! People keep asking me about my “tights,” but they aren’t tights. They are “compression sleeves.” Lebron wore them before the NBA banned them, so I’m just showing my Cleveland solidarity, right? They help with blood circulation and recovery after workouts, so I’ll be in tip-top shape when Coach Crennel calls my name and I get to start as a Brown.

Speaking of the Browns, I have the best idea for a new commercial. I mean, I’m a good-looking guy. Who wouldn’t want to use this handsome mug to sell some stuff? Subway and Myoplex know what’s up. The idea I had was to get something going with UPS. What can Brown do for you? And I’m a Cleveland Brown! Get it? I can “deliver” stuff because I’m a quarterback and I can wear that cute little brown uniform. It’s perfect! People would think it was so funny!

Did you hear about Jeff? He’s coming in from the bullpen now for the Chicago Cubs! That’s so great, I’m so proud of him. He was my best receiver for a couple years there and I knew he’d go far no matter what sport he chose, so I’m just tickled that he’s happy and successful. I even picked him up on my fantasy team just ‘cause it’s funny to have your friend on your fantasy team! LOL.

Well Blogary, I gotta run. Lindy and I are going to watch the results show from So You Think You Can Dance. I really only think Katee and Joshua are safe for sure this week. They were amazing. Twitch and Chelsie might be in trouble. Twitch is SO awesome, but ballroom really isn’t his strong suit.

Write more later,

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