Hit and Run: Tutu, Benny, the Riddler and Andy Murray

Tutu on the right, of course. And oh, look, the only photo I have of him happens to be one of him shirtless. You know me so well.

Lillian Thuram is retiring from soccer. Two things: One, I’m happy this has nothing to do with some sort of scary heart defect as previously thought. And two, I’m going to miss the man immensely.

Tutu’s always been classy as hell and made glasses look incredibly hot


Benny Feilhaber has gone and given us more proof that footballers — or perhaps athletes in general — should not be allowed anywhere near webcams, youtube, myspace, facebook or cellphone cameras.

Click the pic to view the horrendous — yet pretty — video bizarrity.

I like Benny. Lots, in fact. The man is a thing of beauty. But when a clip of the boy singing some random Jordin Sparks song surfaces on the blogs, there are issues. Under what circumstances, Benny, do you sit down and think ‘Okay, I’m going to pretend to be Chris Brown into my webcam now’? And why Jordin Sparks? And why in the hell do you know all the words? The only thing that comes close to redeeeming this ridiculosity is that he’s done it shirtless.

Anyway, this reminds me: It’s time for Sacha and Benny to do another podcast. Please? And, um, I suppose that request defeats my original thought that ballers shouldn’t be allowed near modern technology…


Alex Curran, wife of English footballer Steven Gerrard for the uninitiated, turned up to a costume party dressed as the Riddler this weekend. Is it bad that when I saw this outfit, I thought she was just rocking one of her regular looks? Alex has been known to wear some weirdness after all.


Back off Novak.

Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic to win his first Masters title in Cincinnati yesterday! I love this boy. He’s not particularly pretty. He also seems like he’d be an arrogant ass if you met him but I can’t help it. It’s time for him to win a slam now.

6 thoughts on “Hit and Run: Tutu, Benny, the Riddler and Andy Murray

  1. Yay! A Scot finally won something! (Still sad Dario lost his NASCAR team)

    I will miss Thuram too; he is so lovely. But I must ask, who is that lucky Italian there? He’s not bad on the eyes either.

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