Please Give a Warm Welcome…

Here we come Brewers.  Be afraid.

Here we come Brewers. Be afraid.

The Ladies have very sadly had one of their crew take a hiatus (come back soon, Allie!), but that has also brought us a brand spankin’ new Lady.  Please welcome Whitney!  We are ecstatic to have her joining the crew here.  Look for her first post later today.  Here is a brief bio:

She is 28, born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but moved to New York for graduate school and then down to Brooklyn about five years ago.  Just to say she still uses that degree she went in debt for, she writes some fiction and edits the web journal Pindeldyboz.  She is a baseball fan in general and a St. Louis Cardinal fan in particular [ed.’s note: WOOT WOOT!], and also a University of Oklahoma alumna and fan of college basketball and football, and the NFL (she has adopted the Jets as her team, but has always HATED the Cowboys).  Hockey and the NBA usually get some of my attention during the playoffs, but not so much the rest of the time.  I do have a blog of my own, Tres Geek, which is at . It’s not the most regularly updated blog in the world, but I try to check in at least every few weeks, if not sooner.

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