I am not, nor have I ever been, a cowgirl.

Hello all! Thanks for the welcoming comments in the previous post. I’m going to be blogging as “Games Mistress” here — ’cause there’s never a bad time to use a vaguely British sounding pseudonym.

Since I moved to New York, I’ve noticed one of the first things I get asked when I meet someone new is “Where are you from?”

“Oklahoma,” I say.

“Oh. I’ve never been there,” the new person says, most of the time. Then, sometimes, I get the follow up question: “They have like, cowboys and stuff there, right?”

OK. Since I’m new here, and we’re all just getting to know each other, I’m going to save you all the trouble of asking. Yes, they have cowboys in Oklahoma. No, we are not all cowboys. I don’t know anything about riding or rodeos or any really cute World Champion Bull Riders like Wesley Silcox:

Wesley Silcox

Wesley Silcox

I was born and raised in the city. The only time I’ve ever been on a horse, my Daisy troop leader had to sit behind me to keep me from falling off. Honestly, I’ve always found horses and cows kind of scary up close — I’m certainly not going to get any joy from posting pictures like this one:

Nope, not posting this picture.

Nope, not posting this picture of Tom McFarland.

Even if, when not freaking me out, Tom McFarland looks like this:

So while I’m here on Ladies…, I will not be blogging about bull riders or steer wranglers or bronco whatevers. I like baseball, football, college basketball, and lots of other sports with hot guys to drool over. I certainly don’t need to point out highly -ranked bareback rider (and occasional blogger) Will Lowe:

If I were going to post this, I would like Will the best.

If I were going to post this, I would like Will the best.

Have I made myself clear?

23 thoughts on “I am not, nor have I ever been, a cowgirl.

  1. I feel your pain. I’m from Milwaukee and lived in New Orleans for 7 years.
    I can’t count how many stupid questions I’ve answered about Wisconsin in my life!

    First off – that leads to one hell of an accent. Lots of nasal A’s, lots of ya’lls.

    I went to Florida with my dad when I was 13 and got stuck in an airport. This family from somewhere out east acted like we were aliens.

    Do you eat cheese? Do you live on a farm? Do you ride a cow to school? (!!!!)

    I got it in New Orleans, too. Let me break it down for you: Milwaukee’s a bigger city than New Orleans (hard to believe, but true). I’ve only ever been close enough to touch a cow at the zoo. I don’t eat any more cheese than the average person.
    I even got asked by a friend from Puerto Rico if I owned a bathing suit – because, you know, we don’t swim here. Ever.

  2. I’m from the Northeast (NJ, to be a little more specific) and we don’t mean to insult, we swear! It’s just that, Midwesterners can be kind of like aliens to us, since we tend to think the world revolves around NYC.

    When I travel to other states, sometimes I feel like I’m on another planet. Especially when people are moving really slowly and start saying things like “y’all.” Also, when people are overly friendly and polite to me, as a stranger. That’s really weird.

  3. @Chitown Chick: Well, it’s complicated with me because I’m a Sooner that was raised by Oklahoma State alums, but yes, in general that’s true.

    @Nicole: Exactly. Although the best one was when my brother, working as a DJ, did a commercial for his radio station in an exaggerated “hick” drawl, and his co-workers thought he was using his “real” voice (as opposed to his “radio” one). The kicker? The station was in a South Dakota town about 1/10th the size of the one we grew up in.

  4. My dad’s originally from Oklahoma, but he spent most of his youth in Orlando. Now he calls hot girls he sees “cowgirls”. I think he may have missed something along the way.

    I’m okay with rodeo guys, but generally they remind me of the people I avoided at school. If a guy is wearing pants tighter than mine, I’d prefer for him to be better looking than me too.

  5. Pam-what can I say? We Southerners are a nice lot.

    What I hate is when a Northerner moves down to Charleston and asks why I don’t have a Southern accent. It’s not a requirement to have one.

  6. Oh, we didn’t talk shit about it — we were too busy trying to laugh about without telling 10 11-year-old boys why it was so funny!

  7. Andie,
    When I go to visit my grandma in another town, the local Kum n Go is the landmark where I have to turn off the highway. And there’s one here in Omaha where numerous shenanigans have happened.

    Great little stores. Kum. Go. It’s all good.

  8. Isn’t Will Lowe super short though? I kind of recall that from watching the Calgary Stampede finals a couple of weeks ago.

  9. I’ve decided height doesn’t matter anymore. I’m dating someone who is like 4 inches shorter than I am, but he’s cute as hell and makes me laugh. It’s all the same sitting or laying down. We just won’t go dancing much. : )

  10. I happened upon here after reading an article on David’s Carr’s progress or lack thereof in Carolina. Let me tell you, you ladies have me captivated. I’m used to reading comments off yahoo sports stories, which needless to say can be considerably more crass.

    And as a guy, it’s good to find women who are proud of their blatant heterosexuality and their attraction to men.

    Keep up the good work and the fun. Ya blatant, rampant heterosexuals.


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