Hump Day Hottie: Roger Huerta

I have been looking forward to doing this particular Hump Day Hottie since I began writing for Ladies… Waiting for the right time to share this hot, hot man was killer. This is Roger “El Matador” Huerta, an a mixed martial artist in the lightweight division of the UFC. He will be fighting Kenny Florian next Saturday, and the winner most likely will get a title shot. Please, do enjoy.

In this fight, he is using the jumbotron to see where to properly land his punches. Swoon!

See why I like MMA?

11 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Roger Huerta

    • actually, the lady pictured is his adoptive mother. early in his childhood, his father was addicted to alcohol and drugs and his mother left him. he fended in the streets for himself living only on school food with the help of a gang he joined. a friend of his mother gained custody of Roger (yummy!!!) and sent him to middle school where he met the teacher who would adopt him and a wrestling coach who helped to pursue his career. at the age of 19, Jo Ramirez, his English teacher adopted him. that’s who you see pictured. :]
      I’m a bit of a Roger Huerta fanatic :]
      he’s just so yummy, I can’t resist hehe :]

  1. Yums! I’ve been watching UFC since the days of Shamrock & Severn and I swear the fighters just keep getting hotter and hotter. And Huerta is definitely the creme de la creme.

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