Hit & Run-Because There Really Isn’t Anything Going On Right Now

Seriously, nothing of remote interest is playing on television right now. I mean, I guess I could say Cubs-Brewers, but it’s a late July series. Do Cubs fans and Brewers fan really see this series of great importance? I mean, more than all games being of great importance?

Actually, don’t answer that. The point is I’m bored out of my mind right now with sports and I’m pretty sure most of you are as well. So let’s do this, shall we?

So maybe the little bit about the Cubs and Brewers were just an excuse to post a Rich Harden picture. Am I wrong in doing that?

Roger Federer almost lost his first round match against Robby Ginepri, 6-7(2), 7-6(5), 6-0. Uhh, what’s up with Fed the past few weeks? And in other Cincinnati Masters (I will not call the tournament by its corporate name) news Andy Roddick pulled out with neck problems. I usually would have a snarky comment on him (as I don’t like Roddick) but his decline is just sad now.

In baseball news, Mark Teixeira was traded to the Angles while Johny Lackey was two outs away from a no hitter against Boston. Poor Lackey.

Yay Tigers won! They’re now only 5 1/2 games out. Hey, let me have my delusions.

The IOC has reversed its decision and will allow Iraq to play in the Games. Good for Iraq I guess.

7 thoughts on “Hit & Run-Because There Really Isn’t Anything Going On Right Now

  1. It is never wrong to find a reason to post a pic of Rich Harden. Even if he IS a Cub. Damn, those are nice pinstripes.

    Question: Did anyone else hear that the BoSox are talking about trading Manny AND Jacoby?

  2. Yeah, Cubs fans are kind of worked up about this series, because it would be nice to put some space between us and the Brewers. No matter what, it’s always nice to look at Rich Harden.

  3. We Brewers fans are (were) excited because this is literally the first time we’ve sniffed something like this in my entire life. (Ok, they were in the 82 Series when I was a toddler, but that doesn’t count) I think both sides are looking to prove themselves. Plus, that whole natural rivalry thing. We instinctively hate each other.

  4. I love it when you do the hit and runs, SA, cause I know the Tigs will get some love. For the rest of the season… difficult will take a day, impossible will take a week.

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