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The Minnesota Twins are a team to watch. They are 2 1/2 games back as of last night, going into the 4-game series with the AL Central leaders the Chicago White Sox. They have Justin Morneau, who made quite a showing at the All-Star game. They have Joe Mauer, whose combination of talent, respectability and good looks are more than enough to qualify him as a HDH. And they have the stuff to contend, incluidng scrappy, hungry young players like Carlos Gomez – above – and Denard Span … after the jump.

During last Friday’s game against Cleveland, Carlos Gomez hit the wall and remained out through the weekend. Although it looked bad, and he was taken off the field on a stretcher as a precaution just four days ago, he was already available to play last night (and did by the eighth inning, with Denard Span then moving to right field). View a clip of the video here.

Then, just a bit later in Friday’s game, Span, who replaced Gomez at center field, also hit the wall – unfortunately, unlike his predecessor, he did not make the catch. Although shook up, he stayed in the game. He did return last night and got the game going with his first major league home run. And when he doesn’t get injured hitting a wall, he can still catch! Watch this.

So if these kinds of plays can continue, and the Twins can avoid injury, you just might be seeing more of Minnesota’s ball-players come October.

5 thoughts on “Tuff Stuff

  1. I was at last night’s game, and it was great to see Gomez come back to play late in the game. I love watching these guys play!

  2. I do love Joe Mauer. WANT

    Although it looked bad

    Come on Cinnamon! I thought you were a hockey fan! That hit was nothing, it looked benign to me. Baseball players are wimps when it comes to that stuff.

  3. I am rooting SO HARD for Minnesota this series. Every day the White Sox are in 1st, another little piece of me dies. Go Twins! (Or really, anyone but Chicago. But mostly Minnesota.)

  4. I agree Pam, all other athletes are wusses. Except maybe football players – but hockey players are toughest! I’m ready for hockey season already…

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