Hit & Run: That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

A night after getting their guts ripped out by the Phillies, the Mets put it all behind them with a 6-3 win. Jose Reyes broke the 3-3 tie with a 3-run HR in the 7th inning. The two teams are once again tied for first atop the NL East.

For now, those two teams know that if they want to get into the playoffs, they better not rely on the wild card. It seems that the wild card will come out of the NL Central. Yeah, yeah, it’s early – whatevs.

C.C. Sabathia had a no-hitter going into the 6th, where it was broken up by Cardinal Brendan Harris. However, the Brewers win the game, 3-0, with Sabathia going the distance. He’s been with the Brewers for 4 starts, has pitched 33 innings (three games where he pitched 9 innings!), and has allowed 5 runs and 20 hits. Outstanding. (Psst, hey, Omar! I thought that was how Johan was going to pitch for us!)

Over in the AL, Mike Mussina continues his good pitching, and the Yankees win their 6th in a row. Pfft.

The Red Sox beat the Mariners 6-3, in 12 innings. That guy ran out onto the field, and I love a streaker. So there ya go. One word of advice for our streaker – “streaking” means that you’re naked. Otherwise, you’re just running across the field. Runner.

The Tigers beat the Royals, 7-1. In more important news, the Royals wore their powder blues!

In other powder blue news, the Blue Jays were beating the Orioles, until their game was suspended in the 6th inning because of rain.

In NCAA CFB news, Caleb Campbell was going to start training camp with the Detroit Lions till the US Army told him “Not so fast.” He might be joining his fellow West Point grads over in Iraq. Hmmm, Lions training camp or Iraq? Cadets are now required to complete two years of active duty before they can get a release. It sucks that his hopes of playing in the NFL have been put on hold, but I don’t believe he should be treated any differently than any other West Point graduate.

7 thoughts on “Hit & Run: That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

  1. Absolutely love me some CC Sabathia at this point. I CANNOT believe the Brewers have won 7 straight and at least 3 of 4 from the Cards. It’s baseball euphoria in Wisconsin right now.

  2. I agree with you on Caleb Campbell, MC. It’s kind of shitty that he thought he was going to play in the NFL (assuming he made the team – if he played at Army, then he sucks) and then it all changed, however, he doesn’t (and never did) deserve special treatment.

  3. “Over in the AL, Mike Mussina continues his good pitching, and the Yankees win their 6th in a row. Pfft.”

    put down the haterade metschick.. now i have come to love this website and look forward to reading it daily but you guys are killing me with the complete and total hatred of the yankees. i mean i know i know they are the yankees everyone hates them blah blah blah.. but moose is putting together quite the season – i think he deserves a little more than a ‘pfft’ .. besides he’s funny, cute and smart!! anyway i hope both the mets and yankees can continue to win (yea i’m still pulling for a subway world series so what? haha) and keep up the good work ladies…!

  4. Michelle: I’m happy to see Mussina pitching so well, no skin off my back. I’m fond of emoticons, just not in my posts, so the pfft is where :p should’ve been.

    I meant it in a teasing way, not a downgrading anything he’s done. He’s really stepped it up for the Yankees this season, esp. with Wang out.

    Also, I like the rocking motion he makes as he pitches.

  5. sorry for the misunderstanding! i’m having one of those days.. mainly due to the girl in my office attempting to explain why the mets > yankees (her reason being ‘the yankees suck’) – all while wearing a pink mets shirt.. and then couldn’t even name me three position players.. so, yea, you could say i am a little bitter towards mets fans today! haha

  6. Usually, the only time that I get annoyed at the Yankees is when their fans start yammering idiotically on WFAN. Then again, I get annoyed at Mets fans who do that, too.

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