Hump Day Hottie: Troy Dumais

The Olympics are a little over two weeks away. And while the event may turn out to be a complete disaster, the athletes going are making up for it. Especially those in events where little to nothing is being worn. And water is involved. Yeah, it makes up for it. One of the American Olympians is former Texas Longhorn Troy Dumais. This is his third games he’s attending. Congratulations Troy.

9 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Troy Dumais

  1. oh dear god! this made me day, week, month….hell, this post might be the best thing to happen all year, so far!

  2. I had English class with Troy at UT – he’s tiny short, and used to ask for my notes b/c he was never there (boring English class vs. becoming a future Olympian…hmmm). But he was always very nice – cool to see him on here!

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