Hit and Run: Because It’s Wednesday

Since I am not going to talk about baseball, let’s talk about the many wonderful sporting events that will soon be starting. As SA mentioned earlier today, the Olympics are less than three weeks away, so let’s enjoy some Olympic hotness. Michael Phelps is on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated, and below is Steven Lopez, an Olympian at taekwondo.

He can kick the crap out of you. Literally.

He can kick the crap out of you. Literally.

Brett Favre is campaigning harder than Barack Obama and John McCain combined. He realllllllly wants to be a quarterback in the NFL, so now, he’s calling the VIkings, using a phone owned by the-wait for it-Green Bay Packers. You know what, Brett? I want to be a millionaire sports blogger! We can’t always get what we want. Here is one thing that I do want – a picture of some Chicago Bears to wipe my mind of icky Brett Favre thoughts.

Oh, hi, Hunter Hillenmeyer

Oh, hi, Hunter Hillenmeyer

The Big 12 and ACC are both hosting media days this week, and Yahoo Sports has proclaimed that the Big 12 is back to being a powerhouse conference. I liked learning that Texas A&M coach is a stickler for grammar when text messaging:

“I refuse to go ‘U R’ for you are,” Sherman told ESPN.com. “I was an English teacher in high school and an English major in college. I just can’t bring myself to do that.

“And it makes me very upset when my children do that to me. Spell the word out. I know it drives them crazy because I’m slow when I type everything out.”

This doesn’t really make me an Aggie fan-Go Mizzou!-but as a grammar geek myself, Coach Sherman is a man after my heart. For good measure, a picture of a Big 12 cutie:

Chase Coffman, feeling the love

Chase Coffman, feeling the love

10 thoughts on “Hit and Run: Because It’s Wednesday

  1. Hooray for grammar! I’ve come to realize that I subconsciously show people how highly (or not) I think of them based on the level of grammar I use in text messages to them. If I take the time to use apostrophes and fully-spelled-out words in texts to a person, that is a high compliment. If I use “u” for “you” and say “whats up” instead of “What’s up?”, the recipient is probably not high on my good list.

    And oh no, I haven’t gotten my SI yet! It takes like a week to forward it from my school address to my summer place, so it’s always OLD news by the time I get it. Can’t wait to see my favorite butterface swimmer (sorry, Michael) on the cover.

  2. On top of being cute, Hunter is brainy.

    And the reason we don’t want to talk baseball is because, after their 2-4 start after the break, I am feeling like the Cubs season is over and there is no hope anymore.


  3. P.S. I am a grammar stickler as well in my text messaging. Capitalization, punctuation and if I do not know how to spell a word, I will first consult google sms.

  4. Oh Anthony, I know. I’m a Brewer fan. I’m WELL aware. :) I was giving her a hard time.

    I have spent time as a newspaper copy editor, so there’s not much you can say about being the Grammar Police that I won’t agree with!

  5. One bad week and Cubs fans jump off the wagon. Alpo is back, Harden is dealing, and after all the crap this team has gone thru, we are still in 1st. Keep the faith kids

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