when u face the crew u face a fight. understand?

Oh hi, morons.

About a hundred fans were involved in a halftime brawl in Columbus during an exhibition match between the Columbus Crew and visiting EPL side, West Ham United.

Crew? Columbus Crew?

You don’t say…

Ah, Columbus Crew. A team who’s supporters’ end plays home to a select group of morons who throw batteries, lit flares and racial slurs at players. Who’s select few idiot ‘supporters’ come home from a match and litter EPL Talk with this sort of junk:

u brits should watch out because we r d strongest firm in america. u had a many year start on us but we have come to fight. no one comes to crew stadium and disrespects us. no one. brit, american, canadian, african, anything! the above comments are correct. we are tough and proud. we do not want crew stadium to take on the crowd that the galaxy and others are courting driving mercedes and sipping martinis. when u face the crew u face a fight. understand?

The story goes that the brawl kicked off when West Ham supporters wandered over to the Crew’s supporters’ end where they were met with chanting before punches started being thrown. I don’t know who started it, I don’t know why anyone really cares who did — the main question here would be how security didn’t realize that a bunch of dudes in claret and blue moving in the northeast would, almost definitely, spell trouble.

After the half — and after the brawl, I’m guessing — West Ham supporters unfurled a banner that read ‘ICF, 30 Years Undefeated’ (ICF — perhaps London’s most notorious group of football hooligans) which pretty much puts away any doubt that these guys came to Crew Stadium looking for pink cupcakes and glitter  …Despite this hilarious quote from a West Ham supporter who was one of those who wandered into the Crew’s end: ‘We just went over for some tea and crumpets and [the Crew fans] got mad.’

Right now it all seems pretty ridiculous but I hope MLS is taking this seriously. If these ICF fellows decide to saunter into the south stand of BMO on Thursday night and happen to catch the Red Patch Boys on a bad day, I can imagine things going awry very quickly.

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