Best Sporting Dates

I went to my best friend’s wedding this weekend.  During the 8-hour drive back, I started thinking about what were some of the Best Sporting Timeframes.  With no further ado, here are my choices.  Feel free to argue with me in the comments.

Yay Giants!

Yay Giants!

Best Sporting Day
1.  The Super Bowl. You get together with your friends, eat good food, drink a lot, gamble on the game and laugh at the commercials.  The game is secondary.  And every once in awhile you get a year like this past one where the game lives up to the hype.  Awesome.

2.  Opening Day. Baseball begins.  The smell of spring, the crack of the bat, the sun shining on a beautiful April day.  Perfection.

3. January 1st. Hangover from the night before, wall-to-wall college football, in games that usually feature good teams, and generally good food and more alcohol when you’re recovered (or maybe you’re lucky enough to wake up drunk).

Best Sporting Weekend
1.  Rounds 1 & 2 of March Madness. I spent this weekend in Vegas this past year.  I MUST GO BACK!

2.  The Masters. Sure, Jim Nantz is annoying.  But it’s a visually stunning experience coupled with great golf.  I think High Def was made for The Masters.

3.  Thanksgiving Weekend. Pro football on Thursday, amazing food, and the last regular season game on Saturday for many college football teams.

Best Sporting Fortnight
1.  The Olympics. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s the Winter or Summer games, I love the Olympics.  They tend to dominate my life when they are on and I applaud NBC for their coverage.  It is impressive.

2.  Bowl Games. Yes, I wish there was a play-off.  No, I don’t enjoy how this decides our national champion.  But I do like it that for about two straight weeks there is a college football game on every day.

3.  NBA Semis and Finals. I don’t like the NBA, but I hear some people enjoy these.

This year we repeat!

This year we repeat!

Best Sporting Month
1.  October. The baseball playoffs plus all-day college football on Saturdays and all-day pro football on Sundays.  There is only one… OCTOBER!

2.  Mid-March to Mid-April. Conference tournaments, March Madness, Opening Day and The Masters.

3.  January. The good bowl games start on January 1st and the Super Bowl is used to be played in January.  I’m calling it close enough.

8 thoughts on “Best Sporting Dates

  1. heh,
    I thought this thread was about best places to take a Date relating to sports. Perhaps that’s another thread for another day.

  2. The single best day for sports for me, for various reasons, was actually last NBA season’s opening day. I watched it with my then-neighbor and charge, a very very tall thirteen year old boy – I can think of few people more entertaining with whom to watch. Yes, the season is long; yes, the offseason is short. Doesn’t matter. I still got a few tears in my eyes at the pageantry of it, the history, the beauty of the game. A basketball jones is indeed a cruel thing.

    But hey, you don’t like it, that’s cool…whatever…

  3. NBA Semis and Finals. I don’t like the NBA, but I hear some people enjoy these.

    But NOBODY likes hockey from what I hear.

    Agreed on October.

    And no, superbowl commercials are not funny. They’re still commercials, which everyone seems to forget.

  4. Sometimes SB commercials are funny. This last year had a few good ones. Also, you either laugh WITH them or you laugh AT them. Either way, it’s a good time.

  5. I have not worked on opening day in 8 years. I take the day off to watch as many games as I can. Then the Tuesday off day comes and I feel sad.

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