Today: the Most Boring Sports Day of the Year

Last night’s All Star Game, and the Home Run Derby on Monday, were thrilling. Baseball also has some exciting pennant races going on, the Olympics are in less than a month, football training camps start soon, a free UFC fight, and Fedor vs. Sylvia is Saturday night…. but today? Today there is nothing. As Lady Andrea told me, today and tomorrow are the only two days of the year without a game from the major leagues. Never fear, the Ladies… have some suggestions to keep you from dying of boredom, ala Jim Halpert.

1. Domestic chores – clean house/do laundry/pay bills. No, it’s not exciting or glamorous, but you don’t want to be that person- the one with the filthy clothes and apartment who has no electricity because you were too busy making trades on your fantasy team to pay ComEd.

2. Catch up on your favorite sports blogs that you have put off – may I suggest the Ladies…’ other homes, located on the sidebar? Kthxbai.

3. Video game time – whether you’re into Grand Theft Auto or Scrabulous (like me), do not walk away from the game until you have a new high score. Bleary eyes? No sleep? Doesn’t matter. Now is the time to show what you’re made of.

4. Go to a beer garden – this is one of my favorite indulgences of the summer, but when the Cubs are on, I don’t want to miss a pitch, so I stay inside at the bar. Tonight, I’m planning on sitting outside and enjoying a Goose Island Summertime. Yum.

5. I’ve heard a rumor that there are ways to be outside that don’t involve waitresses bringing you beer. Something about hiking, biking, picnicking. I guess if that’s your thing, you should do that.

6. Those people at the end of the couch-the ones who kind of look like you? They’re your kids. You can spend some time with them too. Maybe take them outside, though not to a beer garden.

7. Travel. Yes, it’s two days in the middle of the week, but it works for the players! Alfonso Soriano will be in the Dominican Republic today, Houston tomorrow, and hopefully, in a Cubs uniform very, very soon.

8. This is a terrible suggestion, but I have to make it. Work. I know. I don’t want to do that either, but sometimes it’s necessary.

If you have other ways that you are getting through these long two days, please share in the comments, and we’ll see you in the beer garden!

8 thoughts on “Today: the Most Boring Sports Day of the Year

  1. Re: #3. Does playing Fruit Fabriek in arcade so often that when I close my eyes I see bananas and grapes and cherries floating around count?

  2. I completely understand, Julia. Sometimes, I’ll be writing at work, and as I type a word, I think “Why didn’t I use that in Scrabulous?”

    And I haven’t been in the arcade in some time… I clearly need to go to it… now.

  3. So I am the only person who reads/posts here that was doing cartwheels about the official announcement of the Winter Classic being held at Wrigley in 09 today????

    FOR SHAME!!!!

  4. Chick, it’s a concept that you are not too familiar with: PAY FOR THE TICKETS YOURSELF! And the last time I went to a beer garden, my sister let me buy her lunch, on my birthday. Nice

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