The HR Derby & Josh Hamilton: Ultimate Redemption

Well, my guy may not have won the final prize, but there’s no doubt that last night, Josh Hamilton owned Yankee Stadium.  I’m not going to bore anyone with the umpteenth retelling of his sordid, drug-soaked past.  Instead, I just want to congratulate him (yeah, I know he’s not reading this, but humor me) in coming this far, and wish him much luck in the future.  And of course, onto the pics!

This is too awesome for words.

And of course, the winner, Justin Morneau.

Ryan Dempster’s son – so cute.

Kosuke Fukudome and his son.

Ryan Dempster and his son. (Can you tell I’m a mom?)

And one last Hamilton pic:

6 thoughts on “The HR Derby & Josh Hamilton: Ultimate Redemption

  1. What fun pictures. God, Hamilton looked like he was having the time of his life up there, and it was great to watch.

    I’m not a mom, and I don’t ever plan on being one, but damn, the little kids in the baseball unis just about kill me. That’s why Jorge Posada is my favorite Yankee–his son was too cute for me not to like Posada just a little.

  2. I also dedicated a post to Josh today. And a song.

    also not a mom, but boy did i spend a lot of time hitting pause to watch the little kids. i hate hanley ramirez but his kid was ADORABLE

  3. All the players were so adorably in awe during Hamilton’s first round. I couldn’t believe how he got right back in the zone and kept hitting after all the shenanigans between pitches – like Volquez leaving the briefcase at home, signing autographs for other players’ kids (squee!), picture taking, etc.

    I’m a Derby hater but this was kinda fun to watch. It’s funny to me how nobody cares that Morneau won.

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