Baseball is MAGICAL: Walkoffs, 2000, and win streaks.

First off, the Ladies… wish a heartfelt congratulations to Royals second baseman Mark Grudzielanek on collecting hits #1999 and 2000 tonight. Grudz looked much younger than his 38 years as he cruised into first base, unable to hide a boyish grin as the crowd, fountains, and fireworks erupted.  Though he was soon erased in a double play, the hat-tip and ovation made for a really sweet moment for a very likeable ballplayer.

Congratulations, Grudzie!!

Congratulations, Grudz!!

More sweet baseball moments after the jump!

Later in that game, the Royals were down by a run in the bottom of the 9th, and the Mariners quickly coaxed two outs. Billy Butler was brought in as a pinch-hitter, and he walked to bring up superhottie David C. DeJesus. First pitch – BAM. Check out the video from MLB Gameday: David KNEW it was gone. He never celebrates a homer before it leaves, but tonight was different. Behold:

The Royals first walk-off win since 7-7-07. Seriously.

The Royals' first walk-off win since 7-7-07. Seriously.

Bonus DeJesus pic, because we love him here at Ladies…

DeJesus and Jose Guillen celebrate the victory.

DeJesus and Jose Guillen celebrate the victory.

Over in the National League, Metschick would like me to pass along a message:

the mets have an 8-game winning streak
the mets have an 8-game winning streak
the mets have an 8-game winning streak

I will happily oblige, because we need an excuse for this adorable D-Wright and Carlos Delgado picture, taken after the Mets finished up a 1-hit shutout of Colorado. Also, the first-place Phillies lost, so the gap between the Phils and Mets is now just a half a game.



Meanwhile, in the Windy City, Rich Harden made his first start as a Cub. Look how cute that looks!

Rich Harden is a Cub. Yep.

Rich Harden is a Cub. Yep.

Rich’s good start – 10 Ks in 5.1 innings – was spoiled when Carlos Marmol and Co. gave up 5 runs in the 9th to force extras. The Cubs ended up winning in the 11th.

For Lady Andrea’s sake, I will not mention the Cardinals game.

That pretty much covers the baseball Ladies… teams today (I think.). Really, it was just a frivolous excuse to give you some cute pictures. But in more seriousness, tomorrow is the last day of regular baseball until the All-Star Break. Some of the Ladies… have some serious love for the ASG, but I do not. I get too bored without having like 15 games every day to follow. Hopefully I can survive.

8 thoughts on “Baseball is MAGICAL: Walkoffs, 2000, and win streaks.

  1. If it wasn’t for hats, I never would’ve fallen in lust with Albert Pujols. He needs to be in that uni at all times -with his cap on- for me to find him hot.

    So hot.

  2. I wish I’d been at the Royals game last night – that home run was awesome – they were all so cute celebrating! DeJesus came out of the pileup with his belt undone – what is that about?!

    Congrats to Grudz!

  3. Michelle, I had tentatively planned to BE THERE this weekend, but decided not to go after all. I’ll bet it was crazy fun.

    I noticed DDJ’s belt; it really made me wonder.

  4. I love Richie as an Athletic to the moon and back, but if he had to go somewhere, thank God it was somewhere with pinstripes. That ass in those pinstripes!!! And you can even see his pecs through the uni, since the Cubs don’t have the traditional across-the-chest logo. Plus, his blue eyes look extra gorgeous next to Cubbies blue. Only caveat: losing the white shoes doesn’t do favors for his legs. However, his legs don’t need favors. At all.

    This was a good trade for Richie – according to my way of analyzing a trade: by hotness of resulting player/uniform combo.

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